Saturday, January 30, 2016

Systems of Shooting

"I had no system of shooting as such. It is definitely more in the feeling side of things that these skills develop. I was at the front five and a half years, and you just got a feeling for the right amount of lead. "-- Lt. General Guenther Rall

It's a quiet day - it was a tough week, a murder nearby, a young security officer, gunned down as he arrived home, in front of his wife,  the suspects still out there. Then, to top it off, I had to block a someone on Facebook (no one I actually knew and not part of the blog network, simply a "friend of a friend" in real life and someone I'd admired) after they went on off topic rant on what was meant to be a humorous post after an upsetting day, insulting some actual friends in the process, even if unintentionally.  Add to that blog trolls, politics and the weather, I was in the mood to get out of the house. and hang with people I know in the flesh. After dropping a note to my daughter and the grand kids (it's been almost 16 years since my daughter and I met when she graduated, how cool is that, but how old that makes me feel) it was time to pick up a firearm again.

I'm sure across America there are malls filled with women shopping. I'd rather have a root canal than go shopping, which is probably why I'm the only woman in North America that only owns two pairs of shoes. Although I did buy a new dress for the symphony once, treating the boutique like enemy territory, going in and out as quickly and quietly as possible, I do need to go again. I need a new suitcase. . . well, it's pretty beat up. . . when traveling with it, I look like Mary Poppins fallen on hard times. But I'll see if I can do my shopping online when I get home and head out to the range instead. It's been two months since I'd been. Requal is not going to be pretty, but it's not about impressing someone.

I like to go there early when I have the whole range to myself. When it is just me and the target. There is something about opening the case and taking out my weapons, taking the stance. That first deep breath and the pull of a trigger, my heart pounding as if in anticipation of that first kiss. The background noise of conversation as people arrive after me is inert behind the walls, I can only hear my breathing as the sound of the first shot flares through the air, the way a sonic boom bursts the lie of silence.

Just another morning, with the right amount of lead.  I feel better already.


  1. Being in the country, I just go out someplace .... fer away from what ever ....... if I want to plunk I have plenty of things to plink ...... mostly cans...... yet it is relaxing. To bad about the friend, there is getting to quite the collection of haters out there. Murder happens yet when it is close, there is an empty feeling. Have a good week.

  2. I own one wearable pair of boots. Finally threw away the old worn out scuffed, holey tennis shoes kept in the closet for a just in case yard chore.

    I have one pair of unwearable hiking boots that I have painful difficulty wearing because of swelling, arthritic feet.

    Hate shopping. Haven't been inside a mall in many many years. Hope it
    s many more before that happens again.

  3. Sorry to hear about your week; never a good thing. Older Daughter & I are heading to the range early tomorrow, before anything opens (she has a pass for the gate), where I'm going old school: M1 Garand & a 1911A1. We hope to be much more relaxed when we return, and hope your trip was equally fruitful.

  4. I'm well overdue for some "range therapy", myself. Damn snow....

  5. Darn sorry to hear you had such a week.
    Range therapy is a good thing. I too got to send a few down range recently.
    Not a mall shopper either. Try to go to small local shops or on line.

  6. BTW, nice looking target. Good shooting.

  7. I did get to the range last week and was not surprised to find out my skills were rusty.
    Over the course of many years I have gone from simple corrective glasses to bifocals, and for several years now, progressive lenses. The glasses are great for seeing, but they make head position vital in getting a sharp front sight picture.
    Yes, I would see the sight better with just safety glasses, but I will not be wearing safety glasses if I need to use the carry pistol.

  8. Your husband is quite fortunate - a woman who likes kissing, owns only two pair of shoes, and likes recoil therapy!


  9. A big downside of where you live on The Range is that you can't vote against Mayor Angelina Ballerina. His mess spreads well beyond the city limits.

    A new "Red Dwarf" season is finished. No word on when it will air, however, but my guess would be Easter.

  10. NOthing wrong with a range day... :-) I'm ready for one myself!

  11. Was going to take Scherie to the range (at her request) and called in to a couple gun shows on the radio waiting for her, so I had a lot of time.
    Got called in to work, so we decided to visit a range near there.
    On the way, we stopped at a gun shop and I scored a Luger.
    Went to work, then the range but the wait was so long, we went to dinner and home.
    But going to the gun store was therapy for us.

  12. Yep, sending lead down range can make the problems of life go away.


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