Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ciabatta Sundays

Today the old sink is unplugged and the antique farmhouse sink is set up with the drain system to be put in. The countertop to the left which is solid, is coming out with a little help from two friends, and a piece of hardwood is going on top as a temporary counter as the custom cabinets are being finished up (about five more weeks). We're going to wait and finish the paint and plaster work after the cupboards, backsplash and inlaid light is done as the whole soffit is coming out and we'll have to repaint anyway.

This wall originally had a long, ugly window that Partner replaced with the smaller stained glass. Then he plumbed it to free up the single countertop to the left for a long counter, without a sink in the middle.  The kitchen is quite tiny, so space is carefully planned.

So - before the water was turned off, breakfast. I usually make French toast with leftover white bread but today I had some crusty Ciabatta that was getting old and I have to say it made the best French toast ever. Because there is so many large holes, there was lots of opportunity for the rich batter to seep into every nook and cranny. You will need to let it soak in the egg an extra minute and swish it around gently to get the holes filled in but it makes a GREAT breakfast.
It's about as easy as breakfast gets.  Slice four slices per person and set aside.  Using one egg for each person whisk in bowl and add a splash of milk (about 1/4 cup for two people), a few drops of vanilla and a small spoonful of honey.  Soak the bread for about a minute each side then cook on a hot griddle. The center is all soft and pillowy, almost like brad pudding and the crust has a nice bite to it without being "crisp".
I don't think I'm going to make my old French toast again. Pair this and a plate of bacon and some orange juice and coffee and everyone will be happy.


  1. Challah makes wonderful French Toast, also. I'll have to try the Ciabatta.

  2. The French toast looks wonderful but mostly I have sink envy. : )

  3. I'll have a post up tomorrow - the sink is in thanks to Mr. B. (and Midwest Chick who kept me company and helped corral the food). But a six a.m. show time for work in the city means an early wake up, so I'm off to bed. Thanks for the comments.

  4. after that breakfast I need a nap


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