Monday, February 29, 2016

DIY - Food and Friends

Sunday we were up early as that was the day we were pulling the old sink and counter top (one piece stamped steel) out of the kitchen, dismantling the plumbing to it and adding the antique farmhouse sink with a temporary drain until we can get the wall apart to plumb it back behind the wall in prep for the new cabinets.
It's not that big but that sucker is going to be heavy.  Once all the small appliances were moved to the basement, we rearranged so the farmhouse sink could get wheeled in. The fridge is still wheeled from when the tile went in as it will get moved one last time for plaster work and painting.
 Ding Dong - the back up troops have arrived to help.

 Midwest Chick and Mr. B. are Here!  Scritches for everyone!
OHHHH! Midwest Chick brought a goodie bag.  Hammond's candy bars, some Italian dressing in a wine bottle from St. Julian winery and. .
incredible truffles from the Chocolate Garden in Michigan - the Citrus Ginger ones were the bomb.
But back to work.
After the counter top was carried off to the garage, it was time to "exterminate" the plumbing as they say on Dr. Who.
 Midwest Chick and I fled to the safety of the jeep with some new cookbooks to peruse.
One section of cabinets was removed so we had space to put the temporary drain from the farmhouse sink until it can get plumbed back behind the wall as the cabinets go in.  Then a temporary wood counter top went in so I had a clean space to work the next few weeks. I am so going to love having a solid space of counter from wall to wall.  With the appliances and the sink in the middle, weekly bread baking was challenging.

Time to eat. While the menfolk worked away Midwest Chick and I caught up discussing important things like raw honey face cream, wine, and if there is a physiological correlation between too much botox, the frontal lobe and voting liberal. It was good to laugh and be silly  - the last year with aging parents was tough on us both and we had little time to do this.

Then, while the menfolks were at a stopping point, we  hit a local family owned Mexican place. Sometimes the tiny little "hole in the wall "places are the best.

No tomatoes for this redhead but I do love my Americanized (on request) carne asada tacos with the homemade hot sauce and lime. (the tortillas are made every morning from scratch).  Their hot sauce is so good I ask for extras for my eggs later in the week.
It seems like the other day when this wall (home to a long, ugly window) looked like this. (I do NOT miss the red peeling linoleum floor).
The walls will be painted a light creamy yellow which will really make the sink and the window"pop".
It's in - and we have water.  A few more weeks for the cabinets to be completed and then we can touch up plaster and paint the walls and ceiling after the soffit is removed and on to the next project.

Reinforcing the front porch which has all the fortitude of a campaign promise, new front steps and fresh paint trim around some of the windows.
It never ends when you have a 100 year old house and it's SO worth it. Especially when you have wonderful friends to help relax and unwind after the adventures.


  1. And just like a sculptor removing everything that isn't his (or her) finished sculpture, the house you've imagined is beginning to emerge. Nice.

    1. PS - as I told my Illinois friend, author Katie Andraski, (you'd love her Christian book "The River Caught Sunlight"), who I share pictures and home and shooting range shots with - "some night when you have a stiff drink handy - I'll show you the BEFORE pictures".) Thanks Paul - my husband has done 75% of the work, I just made a lot of sandwiches and do the cosmetic bits on walls and floors and hold pipes and flashlights.

  2. But at least you got to eat well......


  3. Thank you so much, Brigid, for sharing the re-make of your house to your home. Watching the transformation gives me hope.

  4. Slowly but surely, step by step... OH sorry :-) It's looking good!


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