Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Culinary visit to Ireland

I have to say, the food on my last trip  to Ireland (professional speaking engagement) was incredible. It ranged from some surprising pub food at this establishment to some gourmet food at a four star hotel up North. Seated up by the bar, I expected the usual bland tavern fare. What a surprise. Venison Stew in Red Wine Gravy under Puff Pastry. It was incredible, though the smell of the Lamb Stew next to me was pretty tempting. I sent my compliments back to the chef, and wished I could have snagged the recipe.
Seafood was plentiful. In Portrush, some Tiger Prawns with Garlic Roast Vegetables. No picture as it was gone too quick.

In Dublin, on in the Temple Bar District, there was this great little discovery for a couple of dinners.
Salmon over Pan Roasted Veggies. (Have you noticed there appears to be a Guinness in each picture?)
And the best Fish and Chips I had during the whole trip, as fresh as you can find it. No, that's now "guacamole" but whipped peas.
We won't mention the breakfast buffet at the hotel in Donegal. But Irish cooking back in history was more simple.   Potatoes were boiled, not mashed with roasted garlic. Soda bread? It was not the Americanized version with white flour and lots of sugar and currants. (though that is tasty). It was course flour, baking soda, salt and buttermilk (if you were well off) or sour milk (if times were tough). Plain simple food, for hard working people tilling the earth. Folks back then weren't intent on gourmet. In the Ireland of long ago, people were considered successful if they just stayed alive.

So for tonight, in honor of those strong people who tilled that land, and to bring back some memories of a trip of a lifetime, some simple Irish Brown Bread that was made to go with some simple vegetable soup.

Click on the photos to enlarge. Have napkin handy.


  1. There is some good food to be had over there! :-) No Scotch???

  2. You've made me hungry again, and it's only been two hours since First Breakfast. Wish I could eat like a hobbit, though...

  3. Friends going to Ireland, I will send them your post. Thanks!

  4. We're headed back in August, can't wait to dive into the local food; we always find something new and wonderful!

  5. "No, that's now "guacamole" but whipped peas."

    I believe that should read, "No, that is not 'guacamole' but whirled peas." Or so says the bumper sticker.


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