Monday, March 7, 2016

Dear Hormel

You have made my Dad happy at breakfast for 60 years, but there's a new hash in town.

Tequila/Pineapple marinated pork tenderloin with potatoes and caramelized onion in red sauce, topped with Mexican cheese, two poached eggs and pineapple mango salsa and cilantro.

It's Monday - you can't eat out of a can on Monday.


  1. I wonder if that can be canned? :)


  2. Replies
    1. There's not much to recipe - and no measurements. Just marinate the meat in some juice and tequila, then fry up with a couple handfuls of potatoes and a little onion. Stir in red enchilada sauce (I make my own, if you type in those words in the search function up above the recipe should come up) and top with cheese, a couple eggs and some jarred salsa.

  3. I'll take a couple #10 cans of that!! Is the marinade a bottled one or homemade? Not to show my ignorance too profoundly, but what is "red sauce" pray tell?

    Been here everyday but don't comment much anywhere any more. All I want to do is vent vociferously about all the stupid, brain dead people out there who still love shrillary and her crooked ways.

    Take Care Young lady and say hi to Dad for me. Best to you always, Everett


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