Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On Priorities

After Abby Normal the black lab chewed up my Castle CD when she got bored one day when I was late getting home I figured she needed a new toy so off I went to the pet store.  While there, I saw some dog toys on clearance. Most  had squeakers, but those can be pretty annoying.  Not as annoying as the one Barkley had that was a soccer ball that when squeezed played a recording of the Spanish guy who yells 


at the soccer games. Barkley would bring that into the bedroom of the townhouse  I used to stay at during the work week at 2 a.m. and set that thing off a couple of times, which probably made the neighbors who shared the wall in the other half of the unit seriously wonder about my love life.

No soccer balls Saturday, the sale items were various Island of Dr. Moreau toys.  This one had not just one but TEN really loud high pitched squeakers in it. It wasn't just painfully annoying it was painfully annoying times ten.

That's not going to be fun for anyone with two legs. But for Abby the rescue dog, it is worth it.

Because someone seems to love it.


  1. It is amazing the things we are willing to tolerate for our furry family members. Janie the rescue Pointer has showed zero interest in any toy for two years. We awoke to a horrid, crunchy, crinkly sound. She had stolen an empty water bottle, snuck it into her crate and was having the time of her life. Earplugs were fished out of the shooting bag, and one of those toys will be procured today.

  2. Have you heard the hedgehog one? The sound is hilarious. Night found a crocheted ball someone gave us, I forgot who, and has been carrying that around. He's also fallen in love with this big rope with knots on both ends that no other dog has liked. (I don't know how you post these every day--both energy wise and idea wise. It's funny because I look forward to reading them too.

  3. Great post, love it. You had me cracking up with the gooooooaaaaalllll comment and the various 'island of dr moreau' toys. Then when I saw Abby with her new friend, my heart melted. You're a great Mommy! :-)

  4. We have about 20 miscellaneous pet toys (I refrain from saying dog toys, and there are also cat toys, and they seem interchangeable amongst the species!...ANYWAY
    Lola the puppy's fav is a tuxedoed rooster whom she has decapitated and removed the squeaker from (thank you GOD!).
    Sometimes she throws about the carcass; sometimes the head. Floppy rubber items both - thankfully with no sound.
    And she still likes to fetch them, either of them. If we aren't willing to toss them for her, she tosses them herself!


  5. Oh wow... TEN? You're really a glutton for punishment aren't you! :-)

  6. Fortunately for us Dobbie (our House elf disguised as a dog with a sock fetish) loves squeekers so much that he diasbles them with punctures within the first day or so :)


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