Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Abby Normal the Labrador here, blogging for my Mom tonight.

Comcast quit working for over six hours today, for the whole Village.  Mom was trying to work from home, and ended up having to use leave since she couldn't work, and there wasn't enough time to actually make the trip into the city to go to the workplace there since she had her acupuncturist appointment on her lunch break in the early afternoon. Plus she missed a dead lion she was supposed to handle and she has a new secretary, a  young man just out of the Army, and she wasn't online to help HIM get help with some things.
Let's just say she's a little bit CRANKY tonight.  She's banging around the kitchen with a wooden spoon muttering HBO phrases that involve "Comcast."  Plus she said this Friday on Casual Day she's going to go in  to work wearing a bathrobe and a tiara and have her box of wine under her arm.

I think I will stay out of her way for a bit.  Dad has been warned and will arrive home bearing alcohol and a box of Dots.  Thank goodness there's homemade fried chicken left from last night or dinner might have been just something on the rocks.

Abby  - reporting from the safety of the living room.


  1. Some days you get to pull the strings, some days you have to push the strings. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  2. Ah, Comcast!

    One has to make special allowances for we COMCAST users. Sometimes they just go away to their little private space. I've decided that this is a special favor they provide for their users, who spend way too much time online.

    How very thoughtful of them.

    (Either that, or they're incompetent; but to seriously suggest THAT would be just rude.)

  3. PS: I like her Casual Friday plan. I would steal it, but (a) I'm retired, and (b) I would have to shine my tiara ... and then explain why a guy is wearing a tiara.

  4. In a pinch you can use yer phone as a hotspot, but the data charges can get big.

    Just a thought....

  5. Missing dead lions is the worst. You're a smart dog to hunker down in the living room. Your mom will be back to her normal self tomorrow.

  6. Thanks Abbie for a great report.

  7. The wine box under the arm is too obvious. Transfer the wine into a hydration backpack.
    Technically, it is grape juice.

  8. Thanks for the update Abby. Keep your head down, this will blow over.


  9. Abby had a dual Caf Pow cup holder hat in one recent episode of "NCIS". That kind of headgear with a bathrobe would communicate "crazed" much more effectively than a tiara.

    I'm not sure if the headgear was in the "Gibbs Stops Sleeping On The Couch" episode I sent along with "Jeanne Benoit, Really Tony?"


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