Friday, April 29, 2016

Bringing Home the Bacon

As my long time readers know, I  tend to be in an environment on and off work where it's pretty much all male.  I'm used to that.  In my last professional position, the guy I replaced was a General (gee, no expectations there). My current  "Secretary" is a guy, ex Army.  One of my long time best friends, outside of Partner, is a guy, Army CID.  It's taught me a lot about honor, sweat, blood and hard work and pulling together as a team.

But it does give me a different perspective on how very different, and how very alike, we all can be.

Names have been changed to protect the guilty.  Remember a couple of years ago and a talk of a looming bacon shortage?

Me:  OMG Aporkalypse! 

A: (pulling out the news article and passing it around)  I sent messages last night to the guys on Facebook warning them about a possible bacon shortage!

B.  How did they react?

A. (with a look of concern) "Dude, they unfriended me!
I understand, because even though I eat a lot of fruit and veggies and bean and grain based proteins, I LOVE my bacon. Especially THIS Bacon - brought to us from Indiana.
Everyday friends like you on Facebook 

Once in a lifetime friends bring you Amish bacon from BeefMart when they come over.

It's Friday night - WHAT to do with the bacon? How about cheeseburgers with bacon caramelized with honey, molasses, bourbon and chili? (yes, some wine was harmed in the shooting of this food post).
Four pieces of bacon were brushed with a mixture of about a Tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon molasses, 2 teaspoons Bourbon and a couple of dashes of ancho and regular chili powder, as they came out of the pan, almost done, then popped under the broiler just long enough to caramelize the sugars and finish cooking
That topped a pound of burger mixed with a teaspoon of McCormick Molasses Bacon Grillmates seasoning, a pinch of crushed red pepper and half of a small onion caramelized in the bacon drippings, the patties then grilled on the barbecue.
Top with some smoked cheddar and fresh from the oven hamburger rolls (telework days allow for rising yeast) and insert theme from Jaws here as Abby pops up from the depth of the rug.
I LIKE Fridays.


  1. If you want some good meats, cheese and other deli items, try the European Deli over in Worth Illinois. It is at 6900 West 111th Street. They are an old fashion deli with the meat and cheeses hanging. Excellent soups, sandwiches and more. They have bacon buns which are awesome. Use to order from there when I worked in Illinois quite often. If you hit it right, you can get the bacon buns fresh from the oven. Use to love dipping them in the potatoe soup, which is another of their specialties. Best if you speak polish, but they usually have someone at the phone who speaks English. Excellent deli and restaurant. Prices aren't bad at all. Hope they are still there. Been down in southern Indiana for almost ten years now, so haven't been there in a while. Definitely worth a stop off if you are in the area.

    Love the last picture. Abby looks like a gator head barely surfacing the water. Take care.

    1. Bacon buns and potato soup - oh yes, I'm so going to check it out. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. In the burger photo, I think the broccoli and carrots are waiting for a their time on the grill, and a little basting with bacon grease.

  3. Man, the bacon on that burger looks like the "pieces sans resistance!" I would eat those first, without the burger. Just my humble opinion. They look so good. But of course, the burger looks great also.

  4. Killin' me! You are.
    And NOT Kosher!


  5. Makes me glad I had bacon this morning....


  6. I am so sorry Brigid. I have been away for quite awhile, and when I come back, the first thing I find is you cooking something great like this. I will have you know I actually made burgers today, as well! Unfortunately, no bacon, but still were quite good. We have a small store here in West MI that actually has it's own butcher shop. Incredible meats.

    The only thing I quibble on is the bourbon. It is usually better taken internally. Over ice, later in the evening, while contemplating the reasons that the weather can't make up it's mind whether it should snow or be warm.

    Just kidding, your recipe sounds great. Glad I stopped in.


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