Thursday, April 7, 2016

Strutting for the Seniors - a Dog Fundraiser

The Book of Barkley is a monthly contributor to Lab Rescue LRCP of Maryland, one of the first lab rescue groups we met after the book was written. It's a wonderful group of people who donate so many hours of their time as volunteers. One of those special ladies is Carol Lagunda, who has become a good  friend. She is a multiple "foster failure" taking in the Senior dogs that stand poor chances of being adopted and keeping them, now including Gomer, Gemna and Queenie
Queenie is extra special.  She came with a large inoperable cancerous tumor on her leg and was quite advanced in years.  Her previous owners did not have it treated (and it was likely treatable when it was small) and when her days grew shorter they just left her scared and hurting at a shelter and walked away.  Carol was NOT going to let her go to yet another home when she got comfortable with her family as a foster, bonding especially with Gemma, another elderly female lab that's a permanent member of the family. She's a well loved and happy member of the household now. There's nothing the doctors can do, for any amount of money, but with good Veterinary care, a warm bed and excellent food she's comfortable and enjoying her days filled with love.

I know how glad I am we adopted Senior Lab Abbie from a rescue group in Indiana.

So this year, with Lab Rescue doing their annual fundraiser, think about sponsoring Carol (and Queenie) in their

walk to raise money for the shelter.  Lab Rescue LRCP places over A THOUSAND Labs into loving homes each year and the Vet bills, getting them healthy and fostered, can be in the six figures.  Even a $5 pledge helps the dogs. The Book of Barkley fund got her going and a number of folks have added to the amount (thanks everyone!)

Thanks to all of you that foster, transport, walk or love a senior rescue. And thank you especially for everyone that supports animal rescue.
Walkies!  Walkies!

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