Thursday, May 19, 2016

Author's News - and a Sneak Peak at a Great Western

The banner was from an Irish broadcast that featured The Book of Barkley and I thought it was so cute.

After being out two years and holding #1 for six months, TBOB is still in the top 30 in sales in genre at Amazon, and donating all of it's sales regularly to Search Dog Foundation and animal rescue (though this months sales are going to a blogger with a dog with expensive cancer treatment while my regular donations come out of my paycheck).

It's sold in 6 different countries and has been featured in four magazines, including Kirkus Reviews of which I am very proud.  But what was fun, really fun, was when Partner in Grime was in London on business and actually saw it on display in a big bookstore.  Even better, next to the display of books was a sign "Also by this author", with another book by LB Johnson.  

On Erectile Dysfunction.

Wrong LB Johnson!

My publisher made a flurry of phone calls, but it still cracks us up.

Thanks to all of you for the support. On an author note -  our friend and the person who married Partner in Grime and I,

has his new (and first) Western coming out next week, following his successful sci-fi series of books.

Standby for info, Having been given an advance copy, I can say - it's an exhilarating read.  Look for it on May 23.


  1. On the other LB Johnson. So many bad puns are chasing each other in my head. Must show restraint.

  2. ROTFL! I know when one searches your name on Amazon, you get a ton of hits on book about Lyndon Baines glad to learn TBPB is still a great seller. Thank you for all you do to support rescue, and others!


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