Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Night Bucket Lists

If you are on Facebook with me, one of my female shooty friends gave me  this "bucket list" of things one may  wish to do in a life lived fully  I've amended it slightly to make it shorter as Abby Normal the Lab wanted to add HER bucket list to the end.

Feel free to cut and paste and add your own "X's" for those things you've done.
Barkley - Lavatory Retriever
Shot a gun. X (well duh!)
Gone Camping. X
In Bear Country. (Bonus Points) X
Gone on a blind date. X He thought LEO was my astrological sign, he was on house arrest , it didn't end well.
Skipped school. X  Went to the park to read.  My whole class showed up on a field trip right where I was sitting.
Ran a Marathon.
Been to a foreign country outside of those that neighbor yours. X
Seen one of the "Seven Wonders of the World". X
Flown in a helicopter. X
Been on a cruise.  (I look at cruises like Abby does at Thunderstorms - we'll be in the closet)
Served on a jury. (called, always disqualified)
Been in a movie.
Played in a band. X  Clarinet, high school.  No groupies.
Sang karaokeX  In Florida, alcohol was involved.  Sang Willing Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" as "Blue Hairs Driving in my Lane".
Made prank phone calls-before caller ID, of course.  X Called the dog tattoo place (before microchipping) and told them Barkley wanted one of Cher on his butt
Had more pets than humans living in your house.  X
Went sledding down a big hill. X. And over a culvert...
Been downhill skiing. Does tumbling down a pretty good drop withOUT skies count?
Been water skiing. X
Rode on a motorcycle. X
Jumped out of an airplane. X
Been to a drive-in movie. X
Rode an elephant. (when I was a kid the movie DUMBO scared me!)
Been on TV. X (many times)
Been on the radio. - The Book of Barkley has been read on the radio.  I haven't been on it.
Been in the newspaper. X
Donated blood. X  Regularly, as I have O blood.
Gotten a piercing. X--See "Cruises"
Gotten a tattoo. 
Driven a stick shift. X
Driven over 100 mph. I plead the Fifth.
Been scuba diving.
Rode in the back of a police car.

NOW for the INTERESTING Life Activities by Abby Normal the Labrador retriever

Ridden in a Four Wheel Drive. X
Puked in a Four Wheel Drive. X
Pooped in the car. X
Pooped on the only rug in the room. X
Hidden in the closet during fireworks. X
Had your own birthday cake. X
Hidden one of your Mom's shoes just before she goes to work. X
Eaten your family's dinner off of the counter. X
Pretended like the cat did it.  
Worn underwear on your head. X
Been on a sleepover at another dog's house. X
Climbed over the furniture blockade. X
Begged for a single kibble when your bowl is full. X
Gotten stuck carrying a long stick up the narrow back steps.
Asked to go out, ask to come back in before even stepping off of porch. X
Gotten expensive dog bed, prefer floor. X
Beg to throw toy, won't let you have it to throw again. X
Swam in a lake.
Refused to go for a potty in the rain unless your Mom holds an umbrella over you? X
Eaten a bug. X
Liked it.  X
Found the only mud puddle within a mile right after being groomed. X
Aggressively bark at large scary animals in the wild, but afraid of bicycles.  X
Place head on Dad's leg at dinner.  When he won't give you food, move to other side. X
Drops tennis ball in Mom's glass of wine. X
Found your furever home. X


  1. How many bonus points is it worth if you have to chase the bear out of your campsite.

  2. Run your own email server in the spare bathroom.

    (Couldn't resist)


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