Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Night Chuckwagon

While Partner in Grime went and got supplies to rebuild the back porch steps,, I baked, cleaned and cooked.

Call me old fashioned but I enjoy taking care of a home and a kitchen for my husband so he's got a comfortable place to come home to after a long day of work.
My great grandmother did that, my grandmother did that, my Mom did that.  But they did it out of love, the greatest of reasons.

My husband does as much work as I do, it's a shared responsibility but I enjoy doing the tasks he doesn't like to do, just as he cleans the gutters which I do not like to do.

Because if I was expected to do everything it would be.


But I'm lucky to have a husband like my Dad, that views the house as a shared responsibility.  As he deals with spiders, and plumbing reworkings, I try and leave enough meals so that after a long day he doesn't HAVE to cook.

Tonight's was "what's in the fridge:

3 large tortillas.
the usual canned stuff.
some frozen veggies
2 cooked chicken breasts
about a cup of sour cream
a bag and a half of cheese
and a few jalapenos


I can make something out of that. (the light was pretty low but you get the idea)

Tex Mex Chicken-Jalapeno Lasagna

No noodles to boil and a tasty mix of creamy, cheesy, and savory with a nice little crisp bite from the peppers. 

In a cast iron pan with a little olive oil saute until softened;

1 large or two small onions

Set aside 2 cups of grated Mexican Blend Cheese

In a bowl mix:

Can of Cream of Cluck Soup
A cup of sour cream
A small box of spinach, thawed and drained and squeezed  between paper towers til all the moisture is out.
A few dashes of seasoning salt (I used Janes Krazy Mixed Up Salt - My favorite).
The sauteed onions
3-5 chopped de-seeded jalepanos (I used 5 for hot, not make your eyes water hot, but zippy)

Chop up 2-3 chicken breasts (or your favorite protein choice, dusted with a little ancho chili powder before cooking).

Layer in a non stick sprayed 8 x 8 pan

1 flour tortilla
1/3 of the soup mixture
1/2 of the chicken
a big handful of cheese

1 tortilla
1/3 of the soup mixture
1/2 of the chicken
a handful of cheese

1 tortilla
remaining soup mixture
remaining cheese.

Bake, covered with foil, at 325 F for 35 minutes, until bubbly and the cheese is melted.
It was REALLY tasty and  made enough to feed six folks, and should freeze really well for leftovers.


  1. A house where responsibility is shared is a happy HOME!


  2. I always enjoy your posts, but just LOVE the paw image. ;)

  3. Sharing the load is what it is all about, the good along with the bad, the fun along with the drudgery. Our 22nd anniversary comes up in a few more days, and I'm so grateful to have her for a partner.


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