Monday, May 2, 2016

The Gang's All Here - Bloggers Night Out

The last few days in Chiberia have felt about as cold as Northern England, that damp wet that just chills, even though it's only in the 40's.  But there was a seriously bright spot on the horizon, an outing with the gang, the Lake Michigan branch of what was the Indy Blog Group for many years.

We joined Midwest Chick and Mr. B., Og, Mrs. Og  and M. the Original Partner in Grime, not a blogger but a lifetime (since childhood) friend of Og and a regular part of our little group. And of course MY Partner in Grime. It had been a couple months since we'd all been together, so we did what we normally do and met someplace that's about midway between where we all live, so no one has to drive more than an hour.

This restaurant, a long time fixture in the Northern Indiana area was special as it's one that both Mr. B. and M. and Og ate at with their parents when they were children.

It hearkened back to those late 60's meals, out with our parents, with the little basket of assorted crackers and bread sticks, baskets of hot yeast rolls and something Mom never started a dinner without, the relish tray, with pickled beets, coleslaw and cottage cheese (though Mom got ultra daring and added carrot sticks and pickles). Of course, as kids we'd notice all the OLD people eating at such places "look, lunchroom of the living dead!" only to realize that now the kids are looking at us like WE are the old people.

You could order a lunch or a dinner sized portion and with the fried chicken you could also order it "family style" with a whole bunch of chicken and all the sides served up in bowls to be shared.

We ate in the luncheon area, a lot quieter in the evening when most folks were dressing up to eat in one of the dining areas, so we had some space and a very attentive wait staff.

Conversation was lively - the multiple ways one can shear off a bolt and the mayhem that ensures, takes of youthful indiscretion involving Cremora (it WILL take off a dorm closet door in less than controlled situations) and alcohol (though no one topped the story of the fellow from the gun show that said he quit drinking after a bender where he woke up 2500 miles off base married to one of the local indigenous people.)

Then they our favorite stories of various tools  "broke the first time I used it, that stuff's made out of Chineseium!" and what the Oglette was up do, kicking butt on her college's male fencing team (they don't have enough women for a female team) while scoring some seriously high grades.  We can't wait to see her this summer.

And the food - on my, stuffed mushrooms and this bruschetta in a balsamic reduction spread on wafer thin garlic toasts, fresh Canadian Lake Perch, Walleye, fresh fried chicken, soup and mashed potatoes and stuffing and corn and then when you think you can't eat another bite, they bring out little bowls of ice cream (though tempted by the deep fried raspberry cheesecake, Midwest Chick and I thought discretion was the better part of valor and less likely for us to pop a button, especially after all the stuffed mushroom caps.

The evening then got interesting, as when I went to the ladies a room, a lady in there with me had her severe storm warning thing come up on her phone, respective to central Indiana.  Tornado alert! Severe Thunderstorms.  My phone was off so I had Partner check the radar, sure enough, some nasty cells were marching towards Chicagoland.  Looking at it, I figured we could dash between two lines of cells and though we might get some lightning and rain we wouldn't likely get sucked up in a funnel cloud (like a tornado could pick us up after all that food).

So we had to say a hasty goodbye to our friends who had a little window before the weather got to their planned route home and headed out.  It was a bit of a stressful drive in heavy rain, with some of the power out along the freeway, but we avoided the worst of the wind, and were soon home,  a finger of single malt in hand, thankful for the safe journey

Good food, good times, but best of all, good friends (and seriously you have to be faster than the roadrunner to pick up the check before Og does,)   Thanks my friend, for a wonderful evening for all.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had! :-)

    1. It was - I'm glad you are around friends in your new place, as well.

  2. Sounds nice indeed. Great people all in one place, just imagining it makes me smile.

  3. It was a too brief time, but wonderful for all that.

  4. Good thing you didn't have to run for with such a full stomach.....


  5. My favorite "waking up after imbibing an excessive amounts of adult beverage story" was told to me by a friend who, with her husband, opened a Harley Davidson dealership.
    Her husband made some friends among his customers who leaned toward the 1%ers and not the ones from Goldman Sachs. He began going to some parties and then would, on occasion, stay out all night. He returned home one night after an epic three day lost weekend and passed out face fist on the living room floor.
    His wife pondered the situation for a few minutes, stripped him naked, shaved him from head to toe, re-dressed him, and went to bed.
    The next morning she woke up earlier than he and observed as he entered the bathroom for his morning abolusions. A few minutes later he exitted the bathroom, pale, wide-eyed, speechless, and wide awake.
    He never went out with his buddies again and she never told him the circumstances behind his full body tonsured condition.
    Sun Tzu would have been proud.

  6. Sounds like y'all had a fun time despite the weather.


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