Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Canon Fodder

Angry bird blocking sidewalk
The best part of waking up.
A local company was going to throw this out, and a perfectly good variac as well. 
 Going to ship this to Tam and Bobbie.
Escape by a hare
Remnants of old Chicago history
Yes, I sure want to drive a double decker bus in Chicago traffic!
Who is a good girl?
Chill mornings
Warm afternoons
Grill time
Anyone can microwave
 Homemade Korean barbecue sauce
Winging it.
It will be Monday before we know it


  1. Were any Koreans harmed in the making of the sauce?


  2. Years ago I drove an English double decker bus from the middle of Ohio over to PA. It wasn't much fun.


  3. Nice little spread of pics! :-)

  4. That '64 T-bird looks like a beaut (though, yes, getting it entirely off the sidewalk would've been a nice touch). The exhaust smutch, especially since there is a lot more on one side than the other, suggest that the state of tune could use a bit of attention, but other than that... well, if the rest looks as good as this it's a fine place to start. Not just every day you see a Midwestern or Northeastern car of that era with such nice paint and no obvious tinworm infestation...


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