Monday, June 6, 2016

E-postal - Going in Circles

It's E-Postal shooting match time again and Partner in Grime has this month's challenge up.

Cut and paste in your browser  (updated - there was a problem with the earlier one)


With the major house  plumbing and kitchen renovation we've not had much time to get to the range in the last year, other than my basic proficiency shooting, but this one looks like fun.


  1. Both Chrome and Firefox are currently reporting a problem w/ the Engineering Johnson web site:

    I hope it's a temporary aberration and will check back.

  2. Neat idea, will try it.

    Seems like blogspot is/was having some trouble:

    Firefox (47.0, the current OS X version, will not connect (via https) to this site - claiming a configuration issue.

    Safari (Version 9.1.1 (9537.86.6.17)) provides a security warning and then will connect if allowed..... Chrome would not connect last night, but did today.

  3. Not sure what happened there. I was on the road all week while he was home working so I hadn't tried it. I updated with a link you can cut and paste in the browser that seems to be working. Thanks for letting me know!


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