Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Telework dogs

Forger Reservoir Dogs - it's Telework Dogs.

Abby  pretty much just stays there where she can look out the window for the dreaded UPS man or watch me work away on the computer.

And she knows instinctively when it's noon and her dog walker shows up while I get dinner in the crockpot and get my lunch.


  1. Naw, she's not spoiled at all. Won the dog lottery, she did.

  2. Our dogs know our schedules better than we do!

  3. How many times do you glance away from your laptop and see her just looking at you? I bet you smile a lot! :o)

  4. You were totally busted with that extra dog treat in your pocket from the walk...I do hope she got to eat #4!


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