Monday, June 13, 2016

You Might be Married to a Redhead If. . .


  1. Yeah, I know THAT feeling. I had to resort to a sleeping bag in order to stay warm!!!


  2. Is it the Irish in you or the Skandahoovian? Colleen is like that too....wait did you say "Naked Wife"? awww nuts now Ill never be able to concentrate to day :P

  3. Sounds like the voice of experience, right there, although the experience isn't necessarily limited to redheads. That's experience there, too.

  4. OR, just married.
    Or living with a woman.
    Yep, THAT'S IT!


    PS - she warms her icicle feet on your back, too!

  5. ROTF, pretty much ANY woman... Not just redheads... :-)

  6. I am not a redhead. When I was in the hospital, I mentioned I was cold. Then, I asked them to drop the temperature as far as it would go. I had to explain I like to breathe cold air, but want my body to be warm.

    But, I suppose redheads don't need to explain anything like that.

  7. Ahem, I'd suggest this has nothing to do with redheads (cites no personal experience, darn) and lots to do with menopause (cites ample personal experience).


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