Saturday, July 16, 2016

Seeing Red - For the Sporting Dog Lovers - A Question

Abby Lab's fur glows bright red there when the sun hits it.  She is a Lab mix, not purebred.  Since she was dumped at a high kill shelter with no information other than her birth date, I'm not sure what she is mixed with.  But as she had multiple litters of puppies and was not spayed when dumped (just heartworm positive), I imagine she was bred with a purebred retriever of some sort so the puppies could command a higher price.
She's 72 pounds and her legs, though long, aren't as long as other Labs I have owned.  She has a true retriever stance (and readily points at rabbits and food)  but has hair that is a bit little bit longer than normal, and it's REALLY super soft and shiny.  Her tail is also bushier, though it has the "beaver tail" shape to it typical to the Labs.

Her jaw also has a shape that's not typical lab, being a little fuller in the jowls.

And there's the  bright red undercoat.

What do you think?

Flat Coated Retriever?
Irish Setter?
Angry Bird?



  1. Any chance you can get a side view profile picture of that standing stance?

    I could totally see someone who was trying to breed a "better retriever" crossing out a Lab with either of those breeds, or any one of several others, and then breeding back to lab.

    Coat color genetics, especially when crossed with something like Lab or Golden, can be pretty screwy. That solid black in particular is VERY dominant, and could hide all sorts of other colors.

    In addition, though most folks who "do" genetics will tell you that canine coat color genetics are "well understood", the reality is otherwise. The COMMON color and base pattern genetics are well understood. The subtleties, including specifics of patterning, and some of the less common color-patterns aren't understood at all. And even within the colors that are thought to be well understood there are exceptions that will popup and throw everyone for a loop (I own a dog that is one of those, and have spent large amounts of time studying canine coat color genetics as a result trying to make sense of it).

    1. Ruth - I've added a photo from the side, not the best example but she usually hides when she sees the camera. Thanks for your insight.

    2. I have one who hates the camera too.

      You know, that stance almost reminds me of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (aka "Toller").

  2. Dachshund? Vizla?
    Haven't a clue.
    She does look really sweet, though!


  3. You mean like Brigid.... reddish, part Irish, fiesty....?
    Abby should fit right in with the gang in your cowboy ranch house

  4. It's so funny that this is your first post for me to read after a blog break. We lost our lab pit mix today and she had red like that in her coat. There aren't a whole lot of red pits but that is definitely what Saint was mixed with. We used to laugh and say she was just trying to match us since ginger hair is so prevalent in our family. Angry bird is an incredible guess though! Might be golden retriever too. We had a very, very read Golden at one point.

  5. This lends credence to my theory that my cousin's Bob, also a shelter rescue, is Abby's brother. We need to get them together sometime to see if they know each other.


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