Wednesday, August 3, 2016


For a new reader, he'll know who he is.  Forget Trump.  Forget Hillary - looks look at political systems themselves in a way we ALL can understand.

FEUDALISM: You have bacon. The lord comes and takes the bacon. And your last pig. You get a potato.

PURE SOCIALISM: You have some bacon. Your neighbor does not. The government takes your bacon and gives it to the neighbor. You have to take a second job to bring home the bacon so you can continue to supply the non working neighbor with your bacon.

BUREAUCRATIC SOCIALISM: You have some bacon. The government takes half of it to give to the neighbor with none. The bacon is then managed by a Bacon Czar with a large staff. The Bacon Czar is a vegan. With the ensuing paperwork, and the latent inability of the Bacon Czar to actually handle the bacon, the bacon goes bad and is thrown out.

FASCISM: You have a little bit of bacon. The government takes it, and offers to sell you the oink.

PURE COMMUNISM: You have bacon. Your neighbor works to help you get more bacon and you share in it, even though he eats twice as much as you and does half the amount of work.

RUSSIAN COMMUNISM: You have bacon. The government takes it and gives you a potato.

DICTATORSHIP: You have bacon. The government takes it and drafts you. You get MRE's. They do not contain bacon.

PURE DEMOCRACY: You have bacon. You vote with your neighbors as to how your bacon should be protected.

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: You have some bacon. You elect someone to vote on how best to ensure you get more bacon.

Bacon Cheddar Quiche  With

LIBERAL SOCIETY: You don't like bacon so I don't get any.

BUREAUCRACY: You have bacon. The government makes a new food pyramid that tell you when you should eat the bacon and how often. It then pays you not to eat the bacon and takes it and throws it away, after you have filled out a form to pay your bacon tax for the bacon that you no longer have.

CALIFORNIA BUREAUCRACY: In California, bacon contains nitrates and fats that may be bad for people who have no willpower. So no one gets bacon.

PROGRESSIVISM: You have bacon. The government takes it and gives you a receipt.

ANARCHY: You have bacon. You try and sell the bacon to others so you survive or others with big pointy things simply take the bacon and kill you.

MONARCHY: We have bacon because you love us and want us to have bacon. Smile. Wave.

CAPITALISM: You have bacon. Strengthened by bacon, you work harder and buy a whole damn pig.

MUCH OF THE MIDDLE EAST: Bacon is unclean. Die infidel.

MAOISM - We are Urban Working Class. What is bacon??

Who wants a piece of your pie??


  1. "LIBERAL SOCIETY: You don't like bacon so I don't get any."
    Pretty much says it all for the United States.
    And, who doesn't like bacon? :-)


  2. "Representative democracy evolved to present": You have bacon, you're taxed on the bacon you have, you're taxed on your labor which you traded to get fiat currency to trade for bacon, you're taxed on the purchase of someone elses bacon. The representatives you voted for to ensure the framework existed where more bacon was possible, own no bacon, but have plenty of bacon to eat, paid for by you, while they enjoy perks and luxury paid for by lobbyists working for entities trying to a) corner the market on bacon, b) get you to eat more bacon, c) get you to eat no bacon, d) sell you statin drugs for your bacon induced high blood pressure, e) confiscate your guns.. f) Squirrel! Lost my train of thought. :/

  3. Excellent. Can't wait to show this one to couple of people who will not get it, but I keep trying, because BACON...


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