Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Memories of Barkley - Always Up To Something

When we adopted Abby from Lab Rescue she was a very thin, and timid, and an absolutely QUIET dog.   She filled out and is much more playful and she's learned to bark a big woof of warning at any unknown vehicle parked in front of our house, any delivery person, etc.  She's constantly looking out to make sure all the residents, animal and human, are obeying the law and behaving themselves.

Unlike Barkley - Barkley was not the unofficial neighborhood police dog . . . He was the PERP.

Hit and run
No that's just wrong, not on the FLOWERS!
 Peeping Tom
 Sexual Harassment
Attempted burglary

With my sock - that's Aggravated Stocking
Don't let me tell you a third time!
Sausage lasagna buns.  Sorry Mom, that sandwich is
 was crime and I had to confiscate it.

Grand Theft Bucket
Disorderly conduct
Not Being Able to Handle Your Licker
 Impeding Traffic
I miss him dearly every day but with love and a little training Abby has turned out to be the best companion and watchdog.
Abby is keeping a watchful eye out
 for one of those sandwiches!


  1. Abby is wonderful, yet I miss that big black goof of yours.
    Willie is great, yet I dearly miss the mischief that was Gus.

  2. Absolutely great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  3. B that was just awesome :) Makes me miss Bailey my beagle, not quite as fun as the Labs I have had but close :)

  4. No dog can truly replace another. They each fill a different dog shaped hole in your heart you didn't know was there.

  5. Sausage lasagna buns?
    (rolls-on-side, mouth open, drooling as Homer Simpson...)


  6. Well played... And good memories!

  7. Great captions to go with the pics! That last one of Abby shows how well she has filled out. Amazing what a lot of love and food from the range will do for a gal!


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