Thursday, September 29, 2016


My best friend gets a box of pointy goodness in the mail a while back, and from it, I get a photo from her of her new knife and a comment about kittens. Much online giggling (and envy) ensues.

For you see, a couple  of years ago or so, I received a box in the mail. When I had my crash pad in Indy, after I got married, but before I could get transferred to our ORD office, I received my packages at a UPS store.  I traveled a lot and didn't want something I ordered sitting out on the porch for days, stating "I'm not home!" 

So when the box arrived, I was puzzled, not having ordered anything. The name on the return address was Kim Breed.

Who's Kim?  Only my husband and my closest gal friends had the UPS address, but I did have a birthday coming up but it seemed odd it would be mailed to me rather than given to me over lunch at the Brew Pub.  Still, a very nice surprise if it was from them.

I also had a young friend in Afghanistan who had recently mentioned a little care package being sent one of these days, but his name isn't Kim and it was a little too early for his package, given his military duties and shipping times from there to here. This one HAD to be from one of my female pals.
I opened it.  It was a knife, a REALLY cool knife. Not mass produced.  Made by hand with great attention to craftsmanship.  Even better, it had a sheath that I could hang discretely around my neck as back up. Now mind you, when I first opened it, I didn't look closely at the NAME on the knife blade (after that particular day I was just thankful to open it without mayhem). There was no note or card, just the carefully made knife. I put it safely away and hit the rack, exhausted after a long day.

The next day, I went and bought a thank you card for "Kim", who, based on the demographic of who the sender might be, was to receive an old fashioned, very girly card.  Something like you might send your Mom. I'm pretty sure it had kittens on it, kittens or kittens and flowers and I penned a thank you to Kim for the thoughtfulness.

My military  friend in Afghanistan  then contacts me, about the package.  It was a knife.  It was a knife, custom made for me by. .
Kim Breed.

Who is a Guy.

A tall, rugged, ex-Special Forces guy.

I just sent him a card which I am pretty sure was covered with kitties or flowers and glitter and other such non-tactical crap.

Face Palm.
Apparently, there was to be a note with the knife but there was no note, or in my fatigue, I missed it.

A year later I'm still loving it, especially in that I can wear it around my neck, over or under a jacket while out on a jog or a bike ride, or puttering around the garage.  The sheath is formed to hold the knife very snugly, but not so much that you can't pull it out without hesitation when you need to.

Being the best knife ever, when Midwest Chick saw it on a visit to the Range she wanted one as well. I have to say it fit her hand perfectly.  Kim's knives are not made in huge bunches, and there is a reason for that.  If you want the best, someone's not going to hand make a thousand of them.  You may not have heard of him, but his work warrants finding him.
Because you find Kim if you really want a special knife, or somehow his knife finds you.  However it happens, the most amazing knife in the word will slip into your world,  from the heart and hands of one of the good guys.

And I hear he likes kittens.


  1. "And I hear he likes kittens."

    He'd better, or the contents of your next box might not be as nice. :)

  2. Careful you don't take a biopsy during presentation...


  3. ROTF... When you do it, you do it 'right'... :-)

  4. Good looking knife! I'm a serious knife collecting fiend - - far more so than guns - - but I'm finally at an age (and collection size) where I hesitate to add any more. But that is a nice-looking knife, and Msgt. Breed has a fine reputation in custom knifemaking circles.

  5. OOPPSS !!!
    Calls for a double face palm !!!
    But I'll bet you weren't the first to make that mistake, if that helps..... :)


  6. Oh, I think even macho SF guys like getting a flowery card now and then, at least if it's from a lady. :-) Awesome knife!


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