Thursday, September 29, 2016

Remember that Far Side Cartoon - My Brain is Full?

 Abby Normal the Lab here - Mom says her brain is tired after a 16 and 1/2 hour day doing both job and author stuff as she and her editor finished her third book.
 She'd rather be riding her bike.

Still ,there were moments of fun, and some coffee was spewed in her secretary's cube.  He's an ex-Army admin officer and didn't realize Redheads in expensive suits know really politically incorrect jokes.  (Thanks Old NFO)
The calendar is old but she likes the message.
My Mom is sort of a nut and has goofy stuff up everywhere.  Including the ham radio diagram and the gnome target she took out with some .45 at the LEO range after a bad Travelocity experience.
 She's happy to have more space with her promotion but she misses  being outside doing field work.
 But since she blew her knee out she has to be careful.
You all enjoy some family and dog humor, Mom's going to bed and the computer is going off.


  1. May I say, that is one of the best humor posts ever! Enjoy your well-earned rest.

  2. Good stuff! Now, about that PC joke......



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