Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Striking When It's Hot

Posting the remaining part of the month and into early October  is going to be some reposts every couple of day of some of my personal favorites (though if I get creative in the kitchen I'll post a new recipe.

I'm taking a couple days off work this week to hit the writing hard and concentrate my evenings off on writing as well  to try and have book #3 to my editor Stephanie Martin by October.  She did such a great job with Old NFO's newest in the Grey Man Series I feel quite fortunate to be able to use her service.

So for you new readers, hopefully you'll enjoy this and my regular readers, I know, will be patient with me as I stay off the Internets a bit so I can put my author hat back on.

A year off from book writing was sorely needed, and I appreciate those of you that stuck around as I commented and socialized less and spent more time with my Dad, but this book is ready to be born.


  1. You KNOW we will always be here a-waiting. Go get the important stuff done! :o)

  2. Wow! I must have missed more of your posts than I thought. You are writing another book! Wonderful. What is this one about?

    1. Sherry - it's fiction - it's about a young woman who is orphaned young and graduates from university in a huge city to take a job as a police officer in a small "Mayberry" like town that she inherited a small home from her Aunt(her aunt being her surrogate parent) after she lost hers. There will be much of her coming to age and healing and a lot of hilarity that can come from living in such places.

  3. Oh! HURRY UP AND FINISH IT!!! Knowing how you write, I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  4. You have your priorities straight.


  5. Cra*!
    I thought I had it, until the Nantucket exclusion!



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