Monday, September 5, 2016


My publicist in Dublin (TBOB has sold very well in the UK) made a little video trailer for me.

The Book of Barkley, a long time #1 best seller on Amazon is for sale this Labor Day weekend (links on my sidebar) for .99 cents for kindle.  All sales go to our local Labrador Retriever Non-Profit rescue for this sale period.  Thanks for your continued support. Book #3 will be out in the Spring, if there are no major changes with my Dad.


  1. Beautifully done! And THANK YOU (big time!) for the Labor Day sale. Download just finished.... :o)

  2. That was truly well done! Kudos to the folks that put it together!!!

  3. How Lovely! When I first met Sam, I used to read HOTR to her in the mornings; Barkley escapades were her favorite. I am still very grateful that you shared him with us, he was like another member of our family.


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