Monday, October 17, 2016

Accessories for your Pet you May or May NOT Need.

There are so many toys and accessories for your animals, it's hard to find one that's really unique  So I  have taken the time to do a little shopping for you.

First up, the cat bonnet.  A modest cat keeps those ears covered and you know you're going to have SO much fun putting this on your clawed best friend.
You don't have to drink alone anymore.  Catnip wine!  Now the cat and you can curl up and watch the latest Lifetime movie while relaxing with some vino.

Poop Freeze.  Who cares about our carbon footprint, use some propellant to freeze your dog's poop.  Add a trebuchet and an annoying neighbor and you have a whole evening of entertainment.
Never touch your pets again, the automatic pet petter.  I'm betting Fluffy has that thing eviscerated within 10 minutes.

The leopard print bra dog toy.  Sure it's embarrassing when Fido drags out one or your unmentionables in front of company. Just distract your pet with this.  Your guests will be uncomfortable but you don't.

Can't wait to sleep with your eye open from now on - the cat Tierra, their look says it all.
The horse head squirrel feeder.  So your neighbor gets a restraining order - think of the fun you'll have.
 The mullet wig.  Your dog missed the 80's, now he or she doesn't have to!
 The dog treat Pez dispenser.  Holds six treats.
 Nothing says good nap like a bed shaped like a hamburger.
 The humping USB device.  Impress your friends AND your boss.
The Kim Jong Un cat scratching post (only $7300 on the internets) handmade by genuine political activists
The Nasty Dry Crap mat.  Barkey had one of those, and it just makes me smile. 
 The Super Mario Brothers cat play center.
 Give your cat a new reason to feel renewed disdain for you.  The cat pirate costume.
 Every cat has aspirations on being a tiny pilot.  Please be responsible and spay or neuter so no "mile high club" action results in a surprise litter.
So, the mailman says he's not afraid of dogs.  Just put on this lion wig and see what he says NOW.
Every dog needs a pair of plaid pajamas.  Mom has one like that.  She calls it "warm", Dad calls it "Scottish Birth Control".
You can't take too many selfies.  Use this handy app to get your pet's attention.  Or be a cheapskate like me and tape a treat to the phone.
 Every dog park needs at least ONE stegosaurus.
Have a horse, add a unicorn horn.
Tired of people you don't know coming up to pet your dog without asking first?  Just put on the werewolf dog muzzle and there will be no more of THAT.


  1. Love them all, although I am especially taken by the "Little Cat on the Prairie", the Pinot Meow, and the Werewolf muzzle. My Bouvier's first birthday is on Oct 21st, but I might have trouble getting him to wear a muzzle. Even one as adorable as that - unless I can get him to try the pinot meow.

  2. The trebuchet and werewolf dog muzzle get my vote!
    BUT, they are ALL great!


  3. An enjoyable few minutes. I especially
    liked the squirrel horse head feeder with those tiny furry legs and the anticipated challenge of dressing my Sammi Buddha Cat with a girly Amish style hat pinning his ears back. :)

  4. B- on a different subject, thought you might enjoy this:

    1. While it didn't require the skill and precision flying your kind of crop dusters does, learning to pull tight "spray turns" in a little R-22 rigged for crop spraying was a hell of a lot of fun.

  5. All I could think of when I saw the photo of the cat, was Mal Reynolds saying "I swear, by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you...."


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