Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Night Musings

Maybe I was just born a century too late (though flying the NA-265 was a blast) but I'm glad to live in a hundred-year-old home surrounded by things older than me, with a history that will quietly whisper to me as I sit in low light with a single malt scotch.

Goodnight all  Enjoy your Friday evening.


  1. I also like the old things, I am well into my 70's, shave with a razor made in 1914,still have a lot of my father's things including a Elgin pocket watch that he purchased used in 1915, he was 14 years when he got it, also have his Coleman lantern purchased new in 1924 and used on the dairy farm daily until the middle 1940's and still works better than most new ones today, I do not like today's throw away society.

  2. One advantage of cherishing old things is that the cheap, the crass and the crappy of the period are no longer with us. They are in landfills or have been melted down for scrap.

    Being old is not a virtue but serving, proving to be useful and enduring is.

  3. I guess I'm glad more folks don't appreciate the old time things - makes them easier to find! :)


  4. My employer owned a Sabreliner for about 15 years (NA265-65) and I was privileged to take care of it during that period, fly it a little and land it once (closely supervised !) As a light airplane pilot, I found it surprisingly easy to fly. I LOVED that magnificent airplane and I miss it every day. North American Aviation KNEW how to build airplanes. I was also privileged to meet Scott Crossfield (in Oshkosh) shortly before his untimely death. Scott was NAA's Chief Test Pilot on the NA265 aircraft and he loved it too ! No higher compliment could be paid to that swept-wing beauty, in my humble view.

  5. I love this post and sure can relate. I love using things that have served through time. My favorite kitchen tools are from both my grandmothers. My sauce pans span the 20's-60's. Some of my cast iron goes back to the Civil War. I always think about the conversations they absorbed and witnessed and the hands that used them through hard and good times.

  6. What a wonderful day you had! Just smiled when I saw the rabbit jacket! I had one about 30 years ago and was the warmest coat I have ever had. :o)


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