Monday, July 2, 2018

Holiday Activities

Abby Normal the Lab here, guest blogging for Mom.  There are not going to be any posts the next few days.  Mom is fleeing the city with all the firework noise (since she's been shot at, she gets a little jumpy with all the pop pop popping that goes on literally all day for 3-4 days during Independence Day celebrations).

She has a dear friend who is a retired Professor of Creative Writing and a Christian author who lives out in the middle of Illinois farm country and she is going to go chill with her and her husband with horse, doggies, and kitties. She packed up her Swedish waffle iron, maple syrup, chocolate cookies, homemade lefse, white wine, and some books and clothes and will head out mid-day tomorrow, using some vacation time.

The photo above will be her evening view tomorrow night.  MUCH better than "splody" Chicagoland.

I'm staying home with Dad as he returns from a trip until which time I will chill with MY dog sitter.  He's then going to do some noisy home improvement stuff that's best done when Mom is NOT home trying to write. Mom is leaving him cold beer, leftover chicken, sandwich stuff with homemade bread,  half a meatloaf, corn on the cob, taters and biscuits so he won't starve (and if Dad gives me extra treats I'll tell him where Mom hid the last salted caramel ice cream sandwich!)

I was invited to join her, but as it's 100+ heat index she didn't want to do a long drive in isolated areas with me in case of car trouble. (high mileage and high heat never mix well).

Dad and I will have fun.  He said something about "Poker and Metallica!"


  1. "Poker and Metallica" Their gonna have fun....

  2. So how much of a bribe will it take to reveal the "secret location" ???

  3. Safe traveling and stay cool. Happy forth of July.

  4. "Poker and Metallica." Gotta love it. Side story, I was at a Bridge School concert at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mtn. View CA. which is an venue for acoustic performances. I was very surprised to see Metallica on the Bill but they surprised me and IMHO were the best of show! Just awesome. In acoustic no less.

    Anyway, Happy Fourth, Happy Birthday America and God Bless us all.

  5. Guest blogger, that is nice, the writing style is a bit different, Abby Normal done good.


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