Sunday, January 27, 2019

Calgon - Take Me Away

I've tried to not drive much post-holiday with the Arctic cold temps but ended up taking the truck into the dealer after an issue. The truck had a shimmy from the right front tire/brake area as if it was hung up. I'd been driving through snow and slush and it was about 10 degrees when the truck sat for a couple of hours, so I wondered if something stuck in there and then froze. Just to be on the safe side, I stopped by a small Chevy dealer on the way home. I explained the problem and they said they'd check the tire and brake and the brake lines and such. They said they usually charge about $85 for simple diagnostic work but that should be about it unless there was a problem with the brakes requiring repair.

I waited for an hour while they went over it thoroughly. The shop supervisor said they found nothing wrong and like me, figured it was packed snow or ice. When I got out my credit card, he quickly said "Oh Miss, no charge, no charge at all.", shooing me out the door with a fresh cup of hot coffee. I was really pleased.

Then after I got home I noticed, that having come from a hunt  a few weeks ago and a field dressing with no rain in the interim.  the truck bed was covered in blood stains. No wonder they didn't charge me. :-) They either figured me for a fellow hunter or an ax murderer.

But I'm home, my black lab happy to see her"Mom" and I'm ready to unwind. Tomorrow, a bit more "home improvement" to be done. to the tune of a big pot of Guinness beef stew and fresh bread. Later, some time to write a real post.

Tonight, a long, hot bubble bath.
Uh. . . . Or maybe not.

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