Saturday, May 18, 2019

A Toy! A Toy!

Our new rescue (from a puppy mill) Laralei played with her first toy. It's one that Frankie Furter sent to Abby.

The reason Abby Lab looks so concerned as Dad was making his sandwich in the kitchen which is now gated as Laralei likes to plop down right behind you, making a tripping hazard.  Abby was afraid with the gate she wouldn't get her daily little slice of cheese from the sandwich making.  (she did).

Laralei is getting lots of exercise (new to a dog that had been in a small pen her whole life) so she should trim down soon, but she is very happy to be here.


  1. It's so heartwarming to 'watch' Laralei figuring out her new home, and to see Abby welcoming her. You're good parents!

  2. Enjoying reading about Laralei's new life with you guys. She landed in a sweet household - lucky girl! Hope that Abby is making her feel welcomed. Just got a new pup in my house - lots of new dog adventures here too.

  3. Lucky dog! Likely thinks she's already made it to Heaven - and in many ways, she has. While 'mere' mortals are not Gods, they can aspire to godhood (humans are astonishing creatures - can do more Good than angels, or more Evil than demons). Be careful with that wonderful power!


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