Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hit and Mrs.

I had my annual checkup a couple of weeks ago which includes the usual "female" type checks and cancer screenings. Since I have limited family history available- since I'm adopted- we watch things close. The basic medical went just fine, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers still what they were in my 30's which is great, but we had to wait for the cancer screen results in the mail.  Good news - I got the report--excellent health and clean cancer screens and left it for my husband on the dining room table as I left for work, leaving him a message on his work phone --"female checkup report is in and on the dining room table", as he was going to get home from work before me.

Unfortunately, in the dark, what I left was not the note from my doctor-- but the note from the dog walker who takes Abby the Lab out at lunchtime each day.

 I can only imagine his face as he read this--

Wednesday -  Nice! Colder than normal though! She pooped and frolicked!


  1. Best thing I've read today!

  2. Covers the basics. What every husband needs to know.

  3. Glad to hear the good results on the screening. Im all good too except the type II diabetes though I have it under control and my A1C is always lower than 7

  4. That's great news. Cancer from Mom,Aunt,Grandmother so I opted for 23nMe with health screening. None of their bad gene's showed up. Was a relief.

  5. Well, you just frolick on, you hear?

    Glad it was good news though.

    1. Thanks - with no real health history checkups are always a bit tense.


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