Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kindle Edition of True Course is Finally Availalable

The Kindle Copy of True Course - Lessons From a Life Aloft is live today and I've lowered the price to $2.99 to make it easier to get a copy. I've had several friends who are NOT aviators and they said the loved it. Thank you for our continued support of my writing.   It takes a day or two for the Kindle page to merge with the paperback page in Amazon so the Kindle page will not yet show any reviews or sales rank, but below are some of the reviews of it and my writing.  Thank you for your continued support.

This is a book to use as a reward for yourself - to read a little at a time on evenings when the day has gone well. It is an introspection into one person's world of flight yet it carries truths for all those who have given their soul to the wonders and mysteries of the sky - and sometimes wonder why. - Rick Durden, Features Editor and Columnist, The Pilot's Lounge, for AVweb, the Internet Aviation Magazine
This is a book by an accomplished human being (aviator, law enforcement and other life-and-death skills) who gave herself permission to be an extraordinary writer. The result is soul-deep essays and reflections on aviation and life. Many of her descriptions--poised somewhere between awe and aching-- stopped me in my tracks as she describes: "caught in a point in your mind between immobility and motion, the taste of empty air, the color of wind."  Every bit as good as Annie Dillard, whom Brigid leaves behind in her contrail. 
- Latayne C. Scott, award-winning author
"Johnson is a gifted writer, in the traditional sense of what works of literature are like. She is an artist with words, painting beautiful pictures, rich with vibrant description."
- Viga Boland - Memoirabilia Magazine
"Brigid Johnson is a multi-talented lady who has been there and done that. She IS an excellent role model for young ladies everywhere! Determined to succeed as a pilot, she jumped through all the hoops and became a commercial airline pilot before changing careers to take care of family. Her writing is evocative, soul searching, and captures the essence of flying and life in snippets that leave you wanting more."
- J.L. Curtis, Best-Selling Author of Rimworld - Stranded and the Grey Man Series
"Johnson is a wonderful writer, like good scotch on a winter night."
- Michael Bane - Producer, Writer, Actor


  1. Finally!!!...been checking each day. Thank you for your wonderful work.

    1. Thank you for your patience. There was a delay due to my author name changing from initials to name and it took a couple weeks to clear up through the publisher. I hope you enjoy it. My Dad just finished it and said it was my best book yet.

    2. I wasn't being patient, I was being anxious. And your Dad's comment,,,,that is saying a lot!!...


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