Saturday, May 25, 2019

Laralei Update

We've had Laralei a week now.  There have been some great times and a couple of bumps.  Day two in having her here, Abby Lab got jealous of the extra attention she was getting and peed all over the only expensive rug we have.  I'm told that's common when introducing a new dog.  It's in the basement for a thorough clean and we won't put it back down until we are positive that behavior is over.

She also tried to play too aggressively with Laralei which made HER pee on the floor.

But we've settled into a groove.  The two get equal attention, walk separately so they get some "me" time with Dad.  Laralei is 3 times the size of Abby, (who is a Lab mix and not purebred) so Abby doesn't like to be walked together.  This morning my husband said they played gently in the yard together and we're seeing some preening (grooming) behavior with one another.

We are still so happy we adopted her.  She loves being around people after living her whole life in a tiny pen as a puppy mill dog.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. She has such a sweet personality, and just wants to be loved.

  2. Good luck with the new addition to the household! It's funny, in an odd way, how they always choose to pee on the expensive rug or chew up the leg of a valued piece of furniture rather than the old chair still hanging around from when we were in our mid twenties. She's going to LOVE life with you.

    1. Hi Dave - this evening she and Abby actually curled up next to one another on the floor as we played cribbage. A good sign. I think they will be good furry friends.


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