Monday, May 13, 2019

Revolvers And Cheesecake - A Girl's Best Friends

1999 Colt Magnum Carry.

A 357 powerhouse

Adrenalin Junkie Cheesecake

A chocolate covered espresso bean/cookie crust, filled with  cheesecake made of two kinds of dark chocolate with a dollop of espresso and a bare hint of  Madagascar vanilla.  Topped with a deep chocolate ganache and served with whipped cream and espresso sugar.


If you can find it, the Sharferbergs chocolate for the filling and ganache is worth it.  It's very complex, Figs and red wine, honey, and spice with just a hint of coffee. I'm not sure as to the spice, there's a bite that lingers on the tongue that stems off the natural bitterness of dark cocoa.  Cheaper chocolates will load up a bar with sugar to dull that taste,  Not this one.  It makes for a glorious cheesecake.

Go on make a batch, everyone has room for one last bite.


  1. Took my wife to the range yesterday for Mother's Day!
    I married wisely.
    She used her .357 SP101 carry gun.
    Did better without the laser than with.
    But I wants me some of that cheesecake.

  2. Well, that just shot my diet all to pieces.

    Just looking at the picture I gained two pounds!

  3. I wonder what that cheesecake would look like after the Colt hit it? :)


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