Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Look Out - Save a Life!

For those of you who watch Dr. Who, did you ever wonder why the Tardis (time machine disguised as a UK Police Call Box) never landed on anyone when it suddenly materialized on a sidewalk? With that in mind, and being bored, I made some bumper stickers (I have extras if anyone wants one).


  1. Hey Brigid;

    I as a long time Dr Who fan(Tom Baker is the best Dr, although Eccleson and his successor did very well). As far as the Tardis not landing on someone, they probably made their "Saving Throw", and yes I am a geek also. so no one has been squished....except some Daleks perhaps :)

  2. Been watching Dr.Who since the beginning but am so old I don't remember much. Was stationed in Edzell, Scotland many years ago as a CTM (E6) and married a Scot who got me hooked on the Doctor. My only bumper sticker is "My Daughter is an Honor Student". She gets it from her mother. Don't need a sticker but thanks for asking. Love your site.

  3. I would like one for my friend who is a tardis fan,

    1. If you drop me your address in a "DO NOT POST" comment I will mail you one.


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