Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the Season - Bacon Chronicles

I didn't make it home to the Range yesterday with this last storm, but Partner made a run to Home Depot  to make sure there were proper supplies for another round of Winter, as I'll be tending the place without backup for a while. He sent this photo from his i-phone while he was there.  Sorry Barkley, we're not getting a set.  You'll just try and eat them like you did the wreath (it's NOT a bagel!) and the neighbors might talk.

We only got about 4-5 inches  of snow down at the crash pad, but then it warmed up, even rained, briefly, then the temps plummeted and everything froze.  My driveway is an ice rink.

Barkley did his best Dorothy Hamill impression getting to the grass to do his business, and quickly skittered back in while Mom put out the Pet Safe Ice Melt, (as we were out of C4 after the last casserole clean up).

Sorry Barkley - we're not going to drive anywhere til that melts and the roads are clear.  But if you're a good boy I'll make us breakfast. How does a bowl of kibble sound?


I'm not sure how "French Toast" got it's name as it's been around since the Middle Ages in a whole lot of places other than France (who call it "Pain Perdu").  Day old bread, dipped in egg and milk and fried is something that translates to Yum" in any language.  In Norway, where my Grandfather  Gullikson is from, it is called  “Arme Riddere”. This translates to “Poor Knights” and it is often topped with a bit of sugar and cinnamon before frying and then topped with fresh jam. It's also sometimes made with savory ingredients, such as ham or cheese, whatever is on hand.  This makes it a dish the  Norwegians would refer to as “restemat”, Norwegian for ‘leftovers’.

And I have leftover bacon!
Arme Riddere (French Toast) Panini.  Using what little bits I had on hand in the fridge, I smeared some sourdough bakery bread that was getting  dry, with a Tablespoon or two of low fat Neufchatal Cheese (low fat cream cheese) and then smeared with a thin later of Golden Shred orange marmalade picked up in the UK. Then stopped that with some freshly cooked thick cut bacon. Perfect!  It was then dipped on each side in an egg whisked up with a little milk and then popped into the chicken grill/panini contraption and baked until it's golden and toasty.  Norway Meets Italy!!
I drizzled it with just a bit of maple syrup and ate it like a sandwich.  Sweet and savory, creamy inside with just the right bit of crunch outside, it was the perfect little weekend Breakfast.


  1. That looks like some good stuff (the breakfast not the kissing balls. I still can't figure what is going on there but it would have been a good name for one of our billy goats when we had them. Anyway no ice here, just mud and now the sun is out.

  2. now I know your are lying. Left over bacon? there is no such thing.

  3. You sure eat well,not sure how you stay in shape!
    Might get up to 60 today,warm all this week.I remember the snow(used to live up north),but I don't miss it.

  4. Now I see how far off the Tim Horton's bacon cheese pannini I had yesterday really was.
    And I'm hungry again.

  5. LOL SunnyBrook! I don't even think I want to know WHY you had to bring goats into this one. I'm still giggling like a 9 year old over the kissing balls...

  6. Killin' me! Again!

    Looks delish! ;-)


  7. Sunnybrook Farm - I'm still laughing about the goats. Enjoy the sun!

    Gray - yes, even I can't polish off a whole pack at a time :-)

    billf -lunch was a cup of homemade yogurt and a clementine, one can't eat 3 meals a day like this, though I wish I could.

    Ed B. - Tim Horton's don't get down this far south, can't say that I'd ever tried one, but I am a donut fan.

    SciFi - I'm still giggling as well.

  8. Thats just no fair, after I just had a breakfast of Bacon/Scrambled with my favorite salsa on top!

    Kissing do not want to know where my mind is going here!



  9. Your French Toast looks wonderful. Love it with filling. :) Our Erik is out walking My Honey now, then I'll fix them both some breakfast. Well, I'll fix the scrambled eggs. We have gravlax this morning that My Honey has been curing in aquavit for a few days.

  10. That is one fancy looking Monte Cristo. I would try it with some raspberry jam, and not just syrup.

  11. "Left Over Bacon" I do not believe such a substance exists, it is physically impossible for Bacon to be "left over" :D

  12. But... bacon... :-) Nice way to use it though! Gotta remember that one!!!

  13. idahobob - I'm going to make some of your salsa for New Years, best stuff on the table.

    Lois - cured in aquavit. . oh that sounds dangerous :-)

    Greg - similar but not quite, Monte Cristo has ham and regular cheese, is fried in butter and sprinkled with powedered sugar and dipped in raspberry jam. This was bacon, cream cheese, orange marmalade, and toasted. But yes, similar indeed! I like your raspbberry jam idea!

  14. Glad you two are safe and warm. Cold here 2. We are still getting settled in. Have you ever had egg coffee? My Great Aunt used to brew it all the time Great Uncle was full blooded Norwegian. I miss them both.

  15. Rob - glad you are settled in the new place. It is indeed cold up that way. I remember Egg Coffee that the Lutheran Church women used to brew up and have a recipe around here for it.

    It's been a cold week, not a fun one to tromp around in minus windchill with nothing but one of those coats with letters on the back. . . .

  16. Had rolling thunder pizza and Bacon for breakfast. Yummy!
    I'm not going to mention the kissing balls, but I will with good intentions pay postage...

  17. Oh, what a clever marketing idea - who wouldn't want to buy kissing balls *wait that didn't sound right*

    Adding this to the must try, ever growing HOTR recipe file.

    Barkley sure stands out in the snow, LOL. And you - you be careful around ice.

    Everyone stay warm and dry, wherever you are. :)

  18. Brighid - what is rolling thunder pizza? That sounds yummy! Dad says hello. Big Bro moved in with him full time (he lost his job as a Navy Contractor with the budget cuts), to save on expenses and help him out more. He's still pretty weak but holding his own post chemo (Bro, not Dad, Dad's cancer treatment went well). Stop in, if you're up there. Dad would love to see you again and Big Bro would probably propose, when he saw both you and the truck, but he's good folks.

    Naturegirl - Barkley was wanting a set but the last time he had a pair he got into ALL kinds of trouble. :-)

  19. That looks so awesome! I'll take that with some extra Lipitor on the side, please...


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