Thursday, May 3, 2018

On Memories

Little by Little.

Day by Day.

Suddenly four years have passed, and you can think about Barkley without tears.

The Healing Power of a Furry New Heart.


  1. Time, with God's grace, can heal almost any wound. Some big brown eyes, a cold nose and a big pink tongue helps a lot too. Even those of us who never actually met Barkley felt like we knew him through your stories and tales of his adventures. Thanks for sharing him with us - and may his memories rest easy in your heart.

  2. The pain lessens, but never completely goes away.....

  3. His photo (from your book) is on my sidebar, and will be.

  4. I look forward to that day with the memory of my sidekick Bernie.

  5. You will always remember the happy, fun, and funny things and how they always knew what you were thinking will make your eyes well up. Like Dave said, Thank you for sharing him with us.


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