Thursday, June 28, 2018

But I'm a Community Organizer!

My husband is in Texas on business.  I'm enjoying a glass of wine and the doorbell rings. It's a couple hours after dinner.  I peek out.  It's a 20-something male with long greasy blond hair, wearing what looks like a romper with a large liberal button and holding a clipboard. Obviously, his vocabulary didn't include the words on the door "no solicitations."

But he's a kid.  So I smile through the glass and say "Sorry, I don't open this door to strangers, you are welcome to leave a brochure on the porch chair!"

He looks and says "I'm not a stranger! I'm a community organizer!"

He holds up his e-tablet thing and a clipboard.  His hand is shaking, probably coming down off of this afternoon's dope or drug of choice.

 I say, "anyone can buy a clipboard,  That's how home invasions happen every week in Chicago".  He shook his head like he didn't understand.

I repeat myself though in a firm but pleasant tone.  "I'm not opening my door to some guy I don't know, sorry!" 
Abby is barking furiously while he just stands there with an H.R. Puffinstuff expression on his face that's shoved up against the glass in the door. 

He's totally obvious to the fact that he has a pissed off redhead and an 80-pound bundle of teeth on the other side of the door.  There was something about this guy she did NOT like, as normally she only barks at the UPS truck. I sensed zero hostility,  Honestly, I thought he was just still a bit high.

He looks totally puzzled and finally just leaves.  When he is away from the porch  I open the door and say "Son, there ARE no "safe spaces" and shut the door.

I probably made him cry.


  1. That's the biggest smile I've had on my face all week.

  2. Hey Brigid;

    "Community Organizer..?" The many negative connotations of that word, especially after the last one that hit the political scene. Got a Nobel Peace price for it. I got a serious chuckle out of your story, LOL

  3. I see this folks tromping around my neighborhood at the beginning of summer, along with the folks that are trying to sell me phone service and lawn care. Do they not get this whole motif died about 20 years ago?

  4. I live in an apartment complex that requires key fobs to get to my floor or to be “Buzzed In”. When the door bell rings and I’m not expecting someone, my foot wedges the door partially shut and there Is a pistol in my hand.

    A little pressure on your foot will keep the door from being forced open, and if they do force it open, it shows their intent, which is why I have a pistol.

    If I expect you, no problems.

  5. Better that tears flow than blood.

  6. That would be "oblivious" young lady ;-) But the point is well taken. Who in the world claims to be a "community organizer" anyway, given what the last one did?

    I won't open the door to strangers even if they look like 7th day Adventists holding a bible, there are too many mentally ill out there. Then again, there equalization off to the left for anyone that insists too much.

    Give Abby a bone, she reacted properly.

  7. Awww. I understand your feelings and the kid's too. Hard to believe anybody still sends students door to door in summer. That's been shown to be the least functional method of canvassing, hard on the nerves of all parties, even in the 1980s when I used to do it. I'd edge toward slightly more effective methods by showing up in a skirt rather than shorts or jeans, or with my sister rather than alone. "But that's not the way we've AAAlways DONE this!"

    The petitions always started out bipartisan...I guess clinging to the older, less effective method was the "conservative" aspect of these organizations.

  8. AWWW, you are such a meanie, making that poor snowflake cry... :)

  9. You did the right thing, Brigid. We have had a rash of this here in Austin, and some did not turn out so lucky. Ny neighbor gal three doors down shot a young thug with her .44 after he broke into her back door and refused to leave.
    I would not have been so kind. The gene pool also needs to be adjusted, as well as the Swamp. Even I know better than to mess with a redhead, lol!

  10. I open the inner door with a 120 lb German Shepherd at my side and .40 S&W in my hand. The storm door stays shut. It amazing how fast people soliciting lose interest in talking to me.

    1. Love it! I had a guy trying to solicit the "neighborhood watch, actually open my storm door after I told him to leave because I had no clue who he was and it was almost dark. He had a .45 in his face in 2 seconds and dropped his clipboard as he ran away. The cops know me (I'm a fed). I let them know what happened and they had a little "chat" with that group. Since a women had been beaten to death with a claw hammer in the area a few weeks prior that was a REALLY dumb thing to do.


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