Thursday, July 12, 2018

How to Save $469

Don't buy a Super Buff Pro WorkoutX ButtBlaster Type Machine (implied nyphomaniac Swedish gymnast not included) -

click to enlarge

Simply try the HOTR ACPX Butt Buster Brass Workout.

Picking up your brass to bring home - the best of all workouts, squats and bends combined, hundreds of reps at a time! Sure the fancy workout equipment is well built, well reviewed and looks nifty in your workout space and their model probably has a doctorate in Nuclear Engineering. But think of all the powder and primers you can buy for $469.


  1. Somehow I'm skeptical about the model - if so, she would have enough money to not need a modelling gig.....

  2. But... but... You couldn't wear the fancy workout clothes, and sip your latte, and watch your favorite day time TV... LOL

  3. The model would be someone like J.D Kinman and that's nowhere near as attractive....

  4. My wife refers to that workout as "brassercise".

  5. I've been called a Range Chicken a couple times. :-)


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