Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blessed is He Who Hungers and Thirsts For Righteousness

Out at Dad's, each day started much the same.  I would be up several hours earlier than he, still being on East Coast time.  Leaving the quiet of the house, I would get a coffee at a local coffee place, checking my email and blog with their WiFi, then  go home to do some cooking before the house got hot and Dad was awake.

He would get up and work out (which he still does daily at age 92) with his weights and his exercise bike (that's NOT a clothes tree?).  Then we would sit together with a devotional reading (Our Daily Bread) and scripture.  Followed by Breakfast.

I grew up with the Bible as our daily bread.  On Sunday's, after Church and Sunday School, we'd go home, change our clothes, fetch the dog and go to Dairy Queen for a treat.  One time, Dad said something to the effect we shouldn't go to Church just so we could get the treat after.  I quipped the verse about hungering and thirsting after righteousness.   Dad didn't chide me for being a smart alec, and was probably pleased I remembered the verse, but he reminded us why the  Bible was part of our daily life.

I let that get away from me as I got older and am glad to have that back in my life, guiding me.  So for now, I  miss those quiet mornings with Dad, the Bible and our Daily Bread,, but at least I can do breakfast.

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There's nothing like a mushroom and Swiss omelet with honey roasted home fries and sourdough toast (with Lingonberry jam)

Serves 4

2 Tablespoons melted butter
2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 Tablespoon plus 1 and 1/2 teaspoons honey
1 Tbsp. finely minced fresh rosemary
1 Tbsp, finely minced fresh thyme
2 pinches of smoked Paprika
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Combine ingredients and toss in about a pound and a half of small red potatoes, cut into fork-worthy chunks.  Place in greased 13 x 9 pan and roast at 375 F. for 40 minutes, checking at 30-35 minutes to make sure they don't burn (as they will have  a higher sugar content than standard roasted taters).

Serve with eggs and hot sauce (of which I need to bring Dad some Scoville Brothers next time).

Enjoy your day wherever it takes you.  By the time you read this, I will have donned my Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated T-shirt, loadedup the Barkinator and headed up to Midwest Chick and Mr. B's for a time of  friends (both four legged and fur bearing), food and fellowship.


  1. Those times we spend with loved ones especially parents are special and one day those moments will be treasured even more. Far too many people don't get along with parents, they harbor some old grudge, it is sad. I still have my mother and I enjoy sitting with her and talking over a cup of coffee. Bless you. Duke.

  2. Your dad is amazing. Still active at his age? God bless him.

  3. Enjoy and stay safe!


  4. Have a great weekend. We are off to The ocean to get some drift wood, sea glass, and shells for granny...

  5. What Duke said, I would have said - had the time zone difference not tipped the scale in his favor. :)

    I'm proud of your dad, and I don't even know him. But God bless him, and God bless you.

    And that breakfast looks amazing.

  6. I'm now folloeing your blog and I enjoy your writing. My hat's off to your Father and that he still works out at 92. I'm in the gym three times a week myself at age
    73, but to your Dad I'm still a "youngster" I guess.
    I look forward to following your commentary.

  7. He doesn't look a day over come men get lucky like that?

    Must be all that exercise!

    Sounds like you had a good visit with him, more memories to treasure forever :)

  8. Catching up on your blog today, I'm glad the trip west went well. My daughter and I visited my eighty-three year old mother at her place on a lake this week. It's good to savor those family connections when we can.

    I'll raise a toast to you tomorrow on my (our?) birthday. Best wishes to you.

  9. I sure hope I'm able at that age to do those things. I'm a recent addition to reading your blog and thoroughly enjoy your comments and general attitude! I plan to be a regular.

    You must live an exciting life! :)

    uncle al

  10. Old NFO, Midwest Chick and Mr. B. said hello, read your post to me about the Olympic commentators out loud and I laughed SO hard.

    No parent is perfect nor is any relationship, you have to look past the occassional differences and see what is the best in that person, for that remains constant (even when they ground you for a week for taking the TV apart when you were 12).

    Sherry - the stroke some years ago effects his balance, and he's a heart condition that occassional worries us, a very recent pacemaker, hopefully will square that.

    Bob Cloud - Welcome! Dad has exercised his whole life. He was a Golden Glove Boxer as a young man. 73 is young, enjoy every minute.

    naturegirl - good nutrition (he rarely eats junk food and lives on game and fish and lots of fruits and veggies, the occassional beer or gin and tonic and every morning with free weights and the Bible. Some is attitude some is genetics. I get occassionally carded and I hit 50 not long back.

    fast richard - happy birthday!!!

    Uncle Al - and a welcome to you Sir! I hope you enjoy the food posts are archived backin 2005,6 and 7 just for somewhere to store them, but I think the first blog post was spring of 08.

    I'm not sure about exciting, there have been many "Maytag Repairman" moments, but I'm not one to sit watching the TV when there's a whole world out there and a good brain God gave me to use.

  11. Brigid,

    Sorta wish your pappy lived a bit closer to Tacoma. I think I'd enjoy going over and hanging out with him on a regular basis.

  12. my computer tells me it's your birthday again

    hope its a happy one

  13. Mulligans computer is right! It is the 12th!

    I remembered it wrong...

    Happy Birthday, Brigid!

    (ermmm.. the past years I was offline doing work in realspace...sorry...)

  14. My grandfather was always active. When he was 98 he went to the doctor and asked how much linger he could expect to live. The doctor asked him if he was still mowing his lawn. He said yes. The doctor let him know that he could live another 20 years if he kept mowing his lawn. As of that day, he never mowed the lawn again.

    He did stay active and recently celebrated his 100th birthday. The Mayor of the town went to his house and presented him a proclamation that his birthday was to be known as Willard George Rogers day in the town of Central Valley. Many people stopped by to see him that day.

    A few weeks after his birthday he slipped away. We all miss him. We all are very blessed to have him on earth for so long. He was a wonderful man and was a great example to others. I sometimes think the real reason he lived so long was to be an example to his children and grandchildren. May your father continue to be a good example to those who know him for many years.

  15. So glad your dad has a consistent routine. His discipline is something to be admired. Does he find that the Our Daily Bread has become rather theologically fluffy over the years?


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