Monday, December 12, 2005

Oven Fried Chicken and Roasted Potatoes

Oven Fried Chicken and Roasted Potatoes

Seasoned flour
1 cup flour
2 teaspoons Penzey's Ozark seasoning
(there are stores across the country or you can buy online, see the lower sidebar link list for the address).
1/4 teaspoon black or chipotle pepper. (I use half and half)

If you want to use a store bought seasoned flour, my all time favorite is Kentucky Kernel by Hodgson Mill. Walmart carries it, as does the Marsh chain in IND and you can get it on line. It's awesome but it does have a tiny bit of MSG in it, so if you have anyone in the family with allergies to that take note.

Prep 4-6 pieces of chicken by dipping each in a mixture of 1 egg whisked with about 1/2 cup water. Then drop and flip the moistened pieces in a small dish containing about a cup of seasoned flour until thoroughly coated. (do not save the flour that has been in contact with the chicken for reuse)

Place on a shallow pan that's been generously greased with lard and/or bacon fat. Use enough to leave more than a sheen but not so much you can stick your finger in it and leave an impression. You want just enough to crisp the chicken, not leave a layer of liquid oil.
Bake chicken at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, turn and bake another 30.

Cut up enough potatoes to feed 3-4 people into 2 inch chunks. Sprinkle with rosemary or more Ozark seasoning, or just salt, pepper and garlic powder, whatever suits your fancy. Sprinkle on some olive oil (I rarely actually measure in cooking, I'm guessing about 3 Tablespoons) and toss to coat.
Bake alongside of the chicken in a small cooking pan for 45 minutes, stirring once or twice. If potatoes appear too dry after first stir, add another teaspoon of olive oil.


  1. Hi Brigid,

    My Mom and Dad tried this recipe last night with chicken thighs and they were having a hard time getting the chicken crispy and brown. Any tips?

  2. I've made this both with the plain seasoned flour and the coating mix recommended and it's never not turned out. Did they dip it in the egg and water mix and then coat thoroughly. Having the pan well greased as mentioned is also key as it sets up enough of a layer of cooking fat to "fry" the skin a bit. The oven itself may be cooler than mine. I'm sorry, I don't know what else to suggest, as no one has ever had an issue with it and as you can see by the picture it turned out QUITE crispy and brown.

  3. Thanks for the ideas, Brigid. From what Mom told me, the thighs were thoroughly coated, but they crowded the pan quite a bit - the thighs were really jammed in there instead of spread out. They used butter instead of lard, and their oven is a little on the cool side (it's an old oven).

    I'm sure we'll give it another go in about a month. :-)

  4. Cooked this recipe again, and used a couple of big baking pans in order to give each chicken piece room to cook.

    Huge success - they came out great! Thanks a bunch for the recipe.


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