Monday, March 29, 2010

More Range Fun

Folks, here are some more pictures taken Saturday. I will have to wait to post the Savage Range Report. I have a parent in the hospital with pneumonia.(I just found out, they are doing well and hopefully released in a few days, the brothers said). But I need to make sure they're taken care of, as opposed to writing some new posts.

But enjoy the photos while some posts I wrote and saved up earlier come up.

It was a great day, one that I'm sure many of you can have if you just fire up that vehicle and get on out there. To the folks at The Atlanta Conservation Club, thanks, as always, be it member or guest, you make everyone feel at home. Cheers. - B.

It was an impromptu match so we didn't bring a whole lot, a few pistols each. Mycroft Holmes had a Bushmaster Shorty (I've picked up one of those, good choice) and yes, there were "the Barbie Twins". Seems there were TWO Savage's on sale at Gander Mountain and guess who bought the other one? Same scopes. Like minds. But it's time to sight them all in, as all three long guns were new purchases.

Let's start with a warm up.

Yes! Iron sights and all. Holmes looks and says "don't piss HER off". (Look, even the blind squirrel. . . . )

We tried everything, getting the rust out, sending a message to AARP and sighting in our new toys.

New scope, new rings and a shot (or two) rang out. Just a little tweaking. Holmes brought his Pocket Pro, which he uses to practice for competitions. It was pretty cool and I got to try the Sig with some timing from low ready, as well as holsters. What a great little tool. I'm on the road or on call too much to shoot the matches, but it would be great to hone the skills, for anyone. 1.28 was my best time, but I still really enjoyed trying that out.
NEXT! One of the troops goes up against the "beep".
I also got to try out Holmes Walther .22 which he bought to teach his offspring the art. What a great little gun, though it didn't like the PMS ammo, watching it mis-feed several times. Oh, sorry, that's PMC ammo, but I think I'll continue to call it PMS, because frankly you don't know if it will explode or mis-feed, at least in this firearm. I also got to try your a Keltec 380. I fired it once, and after I quit, saying "ow ow ow " where the trigger and my long fingers met, I named it the Nancy P. of guns. Small, mean and it bites. But you know, that's one heck of a slim gun and for having no sight picture, it was accurate up close. A nice little up close and personal defense for some, though I think I'd pass for anything other than a pocket pistol.

A great day, and one I need to do more often. I'll be back with a full report on the Savage and the recipes that keep us all fired up. :-)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Monster Cookies

It's hard being a cookie monster, especially when everywhere you look it's "low carb", "low sugar". You're not eating a cookie for your health, so don't even bother with adding the wheat germ to these. A cookie is a treat, made with love as a good, large batch will keep you in the kitchen for a while. But there is a reason you do it. Yes - this.
Toll House Cookies with a Twist (aka Toll House Cookies - a bit twisted). Dark chocolate chunks AND a hint of cinnamon.

Why would I do that? Take something and make it dark and different, yet good. I'm told that although my job title is more Grissom, my personality is very much Abby, according to my friends.
I was in grade school when Abby was born. I don't dress like that, but yes, probably a bit alike in personality. My work partner has been known to show up at Secret Squirrel headquarters with a giant "bucket of brain freeze" as he calls it. (a Dairy Queen Arctic Rush) much like Abby's big gulp drinks.

In any event the cookies turned out really well, chewy but flaky with nice chunks of dark chocolate and a bit of sweet savory taste. The recipe is on the sidebar.

click on photo to enlarge

These are a thin and chewy cookie, with just a hint of something. Could that be cinnamon? The first batch was an experiment and they didn't last long, once I took them to work.

The recipe on the Toll House bag makes some good cookies, just like my Mom made. But that being said, there are few recipes in this house that go "untweeked" or are just made up from scratch. Whatever you do to them, some cookie advice

(1) Use butter, not margarine, It DOES make a difference. Yes you can use butter flavored Crisco but in a word (OK, two words) HYDROGENATED OILS. . Butter, at least, is a natural product and in moderation won't hurt you.

(2) Don't use imitation vanilla. How can I describe the difference?

Imitation Vanilla -
Real Vanilla -(3) Make sure the butter is VERY soft when creaming it in with the sugars. The less you work it while the butter is incorporated, the better the texture of the cookie will be.

(4) What if your brown sugar clumps together and has the shape and form of your ammo can? You know what I'm talking about, when even banging it on the counter top doesn't break it, but only draws hungry wolves to the kitchen. A "Mom's old trick (my Mom had a a service revolver in addition to a spatula so I tend to trust her). Put a slice of white bread in a sealed plastic bag with your brown sugar "ammo can" and seal it up. Within 24 hours it should soften up.

(5) If you can wait, chill the dough 24 hours before baking, or at least chill well. If the dough starts to melt before it starts to bake, the edges will burn before the center is done. Cool your cookie sheet between batches, or run under cool water to cool between.

Whether you try the traditional recipe or branch out on your own, it's hard to go wrong with a homemade cookie, especially after a Monster day at work

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barkley's Ode to Spring

Since I had my say on the Spring Season, Barkley asked for his own.

New Life
Discovered I Salute You

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess That Gun

You know how it is, you're out and about with friends and someone says the words, and you are powerless to resist. Drawn in by the group, individual will suddenly gone.

"Want to to go to look at guns and outdoor equipment?"

Yes!!!! Been there, done that. Oh and bought the T-shirt.

And the hat. (That's my steely eyed hunters gaze. Doesn't work on 800 pound Grizzley, but Bill the sales guy gave me a free gun sock.)

But I didn't just some fun stuff to wear. I bought myself a new rifle.

I'm going to post a teaser shot or two to see if any of you recognize it. I'll have some more photos after a scope is on it. It's on backorder. I got a great price online for it so I can wait a few days.

Here's some hints. I bought it because it matches my usual fall outfits.

It has a REALLY sweet trigger.
It's for small game but NOT ducks.

And it was only a bit more than $300.

I'm 1/4 Scottish, did I mention the free sock?

OK, Anyone want to take a Gander at guessing??

Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick - run for your lives - poetry night!

I'm off to watch Jeremiah Johnson and Pale Rider - but for those with a penchant for literary excess - a HOTR poem. I blame the Jameson's.
- Brigid 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shooty Quote of the Week

"A people who mean to continue free must be prepared to meet danger in person..."
Representative John Randolf 22 Dec 1790

Danger - meet my little friends.
One can never have too many friends. Thanks J.for the reminder.