Sunday, August 14, 2016

Packin' Heat - Sausage Omelette with Scoville Brothers Hot Sauce

I will never master the perfect restaurant omelette that looks like an Origami Master assembled it but I can make one that TASTES a whole lot better.

This is the basic omelette, enough to feed two.

8 ounces kielbasa, sliced and cooked
6 large eggs
2 Tablespoons milk
1/4  to 1/2 teaspoon Scoville Brothers Heavy Metal heat (to taste)
pinch of dry mustard
I added a couple tablespoons of chopped red pepper and a tiny bit of spinch which was leftover from salad last night - optional
1 Tablespoon unsalted butter
a generous 1/3 cup smoked Gouda

Some tips:

Soak the eggs for 5 minutes in hot (not scalding) water.  This will help the omelette cook faster and the faster it cooks the more tender it will be.

Use butter instead of olive oil in the pan, letting the pan heat 2-3 minutes before adding  a teaspoon or two of butter per serving (this recipe serves two).  Use basting brush to even coat the bottom of your pan.

When you've mixed up the egg with milk so yolk and white are incorporated (without whipping them into froth) throw in some fresh herbs such as basil or chives, or some leftover spinach or peppers for a little color and flavor

Think outside the box as far as ingredients.  Instead of the standard ham and onion and cheddar I made this omelette with leftover cooked Kielbasa and smoked Gouda (1 to 2 ounce per two eggs).
My favorite tip.  Add a 1/4 teaspoon of hot sauce to the  beaten eggs, more if you like it extra spicy.  For Omelettes I love Heavy Metal Heat from
It's a Ghost Pepper Sauce and their hottest but it has a surprising depth that really makes the Range recipes sing. If you are a "chili head" you will LOVE this sauce.  For a milder taste, try the new Cowboy Crooner, we use that on our scrambled eggs with tortillas (migas) all the time.

Order it online or visit their Peck O'Peppers Gallery (for food, spices and work by local artists) at

702 Indiana Avenue. #9
Kouts, IN  46347

That's just south of Valporaiso, an easy drive from Illinois or Central Indiana.

It's located between the new Gauntlet Gun Shop and
Cross Saber Custom Gunsmithing
World's best hot sauce located between two nice gun businesses, if you need a sign you have to visit that is it!

Now for cooking your omelette - add eggs, stirring briskly with a silicone spatula for five seconds on on medium  to medium high heat.  As soon as the "curds" form so it's looking  a bit like scrambled eggs, lift the pan and tilt it around until the extra liquid pours off the top of the curds and into the pan. Use a spatula to shape the edge into a round and make sure the omelette doesn't stick. Sprinkle on any cheese you may use  Now walk away  You heard me. This tip is from Alton Brown and it works. Let your omelette sit unaccosted for 10 seconds to it can develop the proper outer crust.  If it needs a bit more time to cook though, depending on size, do so, but don't mess with it any more.

To finish, shake the pan gently to make sure the omelette is indeed free of the pan.  This is the part where you normally fold it over to get the perfect shape.  I usually fail at this so I just tip it all onto my plate.
Doesn't that look better than a bowl of Special K? 


  1. When I lived in Spain I became fond of Spanish-style omelets, which are made with a lot of eggs, potatoes and onion, and cut into slices for serving to the entire family. They take up the entire pan and must be flipped using a plate, which takes a bit of skill itself. Miguel at Gun Free Zone, who is Spanish himself, clued me into this pan for making omelets with much less opportunity for disaster. You'd probably enjoy cooking them in this style.

  2. There is just something about hot that does not appeal to the stomachs of my family. But, it does look good. I try to avoid crusty cheese or crusty eggs. But, I do know the majority of the world disagrees with me!


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