Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Paws for Another Recipe

Hey, there's a dog in your suitcase!

I've a cohort who is a shooter and a dog lover. He's a retired Marine who flew fast airplanes.  He's also Cajun.  There's a mind in there as sharp as a ceramic blade, but what is presented to the world is this "take my time" kinda pondering, good old boy, with that accent that people up here just can not place. I'd not have anyone else at my back, I can tell you that.

He stopped by today, saw the latest picture of Barkley and said "we got a puppy dog . . . . from the pound".
I said "What  did you get?"

(Now, you have to picture him,  good looking, big guy, about 250 pounds, the rumpled brow as he chooses his words and that cajun accent.)

"It's half Rottweiler, half Poodle. . . . . "

Another long pause. a shake of the head

"Alcohol was likely involved".

We love our dogs. Barkley was at Doggie Day camp  (photo they gave me below) as I've had some odd hours lately.  He loves it there, as much for the wide open grassy play area, tons of toys and attention, as the treats.  If I request it, they give him a "Frosty Paws" frozen ice cream treat as a snack with a biscuit on the side.  It's not real ice cream, dogs don't digest  plain milk well.

He loves them, but they a bit expensive and like many pre made products,  have some ingredients only a chemistry major could pronounce even if they don't contain any artificial colors or flavors.  So I looked around for a "home made" version.  Some of the many recipes on line contained a bit too much sweetener and some artificial flavors so I modified them with great success with the Barkster.

 Meet Barkley's new favorite nightcap. . . . .


Four cups low fat plain regular or Greek yogurt
1 soft and ripe banana, mashed
3 Tablespoons peanut butter (not low fat version which is full of sugar)
1 and 1/2 Tablespoons honey

Blend ingredients well and freeze in small (about 3 oz) Dixie cups.  When set slightly, place a bone shaped dog biscuit end side down into mixture to act as a handle.   When frozen, holding by handle, peel the paper off and serve.  If it's stubborn, stick it  in microwave for just a few seconds to release it from cup.

Hey, but what about frozen treats for your two legged friends?

(I'm telling you ladies, men LOVE this).

FROSTY PAUSE (human version)

1 cup coffee ice cream (I like Valpo Velvet)
3 cups vanilla ice cream
4 Tablespoons heavy cream
4 Tablespoons amaretto
4 Tablespoons Kahlua.

Soften ice cream and mix, blend until smooth and serve right away, or freeze for later.


  1. I printed this out to add to the recipe book. We'll try it next summer!

  2. Next summer?!?!?
    That's gonna happen before Thanksgiving, if I have my way.

  3. I just freeze yogurt into a couple kongs, but that would work too!

  4. Hmmmm, I always kind of figured Barkley for a John Grisham fan...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. I'm going to make the human version for my wife and daughter but I won't be making the doggie version for my grandpup because if we didn't keep the access to the cat box cat-sized she would, as my daughter says, help herself to some pooffet (play on words, sounds like buffet). Standard biscuits for her.

    I see by the picture you read Dean Koontz. I guess I'm a little soft but one thing (among many) that I love about his novels is that the dogs in his novels never die.

  6. Sure, bring out the frozen confection when Summer's over!
    (Actually, I read somewhere more 'ice cream' is sold in the cold months than in the Summer? Maybe it melts too fast?)
    Especially good after pizza!

  7. Darnit. That'll teach me to slow down...

    I didn't read all the way down to the second version of the recipe.

    But the first version went down very nicely, really.

  8. Oh... And even better if it's homemade ice cream! Gotta remember this one!

  9. Our spoiled dogs don't like banana but I do much the same - greek yogurt mixed with unsweetened apple sauce in small cups and frozen. Simple, but wonderful way to cool down a big pup in summer. But they love `em anytime!

  10. That is brilliant Brigid. I'm going to try a batch this weekend. Angus says Thanks Auntie Brigid!

  11. Hmmmm...may have to forward these on to the wife....I know two beagles who would send their undying gratitude (and a handful of assorted fur) for that recipe!

    Haven't read Dean Koontz in a while, most of his stories, while good, got to feeling like all the characters were the same. Maybe I should pick up another of his books and try again (last one I read was the Frankenstein book, and one of the "Odd" books, can't remember which).

  12. We need to and I have a passion to cook! Frying pan in one hand and a gun in the other. That's what I'm talking about. I just made myself feel like a Redneck!

  13. @TheLowryPlace: Redneck...or Rapunzel.

  14. Erin - it's easy, it's super cheap and the dogs love it!

    Once Free Man - and if I don't see you on here before that, a very happy Thanksgiving to your family.

    Ruth - OK, that's a great idea!

    Dann - Mostly he prefers the earlier Robert Barker books.

    Island Bob - Barkley has a pretty sensitive stomach for a lab. I remember walking out in the kitchen when I had several Blog Meet folks from out of town staying at my place and seeing one of them feeding Barkley about his seventh strip of bacon. Oh boy, That didn't stay down long, but he was one happy pup there for a bit.

    armed laughing - you might be on to somethere there, oh brilliant detective. I don't buy it often in the summer, as by the time I get home it's half melted. Coffee, vanilla, and chocolate marshmallow are my personal favorites (though I can be plied with Pistachio drizzled with dark chocolate syrup)

    MSgtB - it's pretty tasty and only slightly (burp) infused with liquor. Really (why is the lamp on the floor?)

    Old NFO - we have to get you up to the Northern division of HOTR and introduce you to Valpo Velvet (though that sort of sounds like the local hooker).

    LauraB - apple would be good. Barkley LOVES apples, though I carefully inspect to make sure there are no seeds in his little slices.

    Six - not my idea, but thanks. I just tweaked the recipe I found and added the biscuit.

    Rapid Alien - I like his earlier books, the later ones I've just not had much time to read, still getting through a huge collection of sci fi that got unpacked out of boxes in the attic.

    the LowryPlace - that would be fun!

  15. Either one would work for me! (I know, sad really).


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