Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Driving Mr. Barkley

(Yawn) I am SO bored. (but at least I get to lay on Mom)

I am SO bored and Mom's up there.

Barkley has a  "dog seat belt" that hooks into his harness, attaching on top of his shoulders.  It is supposed to keep him from flying forward in the event of a sudden stop and if we do stop hard, it won't hurt his neck.  (and no the rope in the picture was not for him but to secure some cargo on a previous trip).

I know he'd rather be up front, but even if secured away from the windshield (and my lap) air bags can be dangerous for children and pets. But he's found that if he sits on the sit with his front legs on the floor,  he can rest his head on the console. Mostly so he can sigh and give me that look that says"I am SO bored", even if we stop at friends on the way sometimes and he gets a break to play with them. With the cheapy point and shoot camera  kept in the console in the case of fender bender, I recorded his ecstatic reaction to recent car trips.

 If I sit on the seat and put my legs on the floor 
and put my legs behind the big dog bedthat cushions the console, I can lay my head on Mom's raincoat. 

I'm STILL bored.

(sigh) I STILL  can't reach the Cheez It's. If I had opposable thumbs I'd call the SPCA.
Sorry Barkley,

I do have a fairly long commute at the start and end of the week ( I keep a crash pad in the city near a freeway that gets me to work quickly)  But on the weekly drive, even with water and snacks for both of us, Barkley wasn't the only one who was bored.  I struggled with getting reliable, strong signals on the  radio, knowing I was getting close either way only when I heard Polka Music going North and Bad Bad Leroy Brown going South as I hauled my essentials (including Mr. Barkley) back and forth. So for my birthday a couple of summers ago, Midwest Chick  and Mr. B. got me an Ipod Nano which they programmed with all kinds of(7.1 GB worth) my favorite music and leaving plenty of room for me to add other favorites.

Yes, I was probably the only person on the planet who didn't  have an Ipod. It's not about being intimidated by technology,  it's just "it works so why change it".  I don't have a blackberry. My phone is the size of a boat anchor.  I have a collection of Victrola records.

Friend:  "Wow that's a big phone, what kind of apps does it have?"
Me:  "It has the RINGING app."

So when I got the IPod, I was pretty excited.  I opened it, started playing with it while Mr. B chuckles and says "quick, call Tam and tell her we dragged Brigid into the 21st Century!"

What's on there now?

AC/DC, Adele, Aerosmith, Alberto Luzzio, Alison Krauss, Alison Moyet, Allman Brothers, Aretha Franklin, The B-52's (Love Shack!), Bachman-Turner Overdrive,  Bad Company, Benny Goodman, Billy Joel, Blackmore's Night, Blues Brothers, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie Tyler, Burkhard Glaetzner, Charlie Daniels, Cher (just so Midwest Chick and I could sing "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves" really loud while baking something, Chris Wood, CCR, David Bowie, Dire Straights, Don McLean, Donald Fagan, Dobie Brothers, Don Henley, The Doors, Dubravka Tomsic, Duke Ellington, The Eagles, Earth Wind and Fire, Eddi Rabbit, ELO, Emerald Rose, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Enya, Eric Brockington, Eric Clapton, Estelle Parsons, Etta James, Eva Cassidy, Evanescence, Finger Eleven, Foghat, Foreigner, Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, Garth Brooks, George Thorogood, Godsmack, Golden Earring, Gordon Lightfoot, Grand Funk Railroad, Guns N' Roses, Heart, Herbert Von Karajan, I Solisti Di Zagreb, Jackson Brown, James Brown, Janis Joplin, Jeff Beck, Jethro Tull, Jim Croce, Joe Cocker, Johann S. Bach, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, Josef Bulva, Led Zeppelin, Los Lobos, Lyle Lovett, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meat Loaf, Metallica, Michele Campanella, The Moody Blues, Motley Crue, Nicolaus Esterhazy, Patsy Cline, Pink Floyd, Poison, Queen, Ray Charles, REO Speedwagon, Roberta Flack, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Roger Miller, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Sarah McLachlan, Smokey Robinson, Stan Getz, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, The Temptations, Thin Lizzy, Three Dog Night, Vivaldi, The Who, Willie Nelson, Yo Yo Ma, Yuri A. Rozum, Z.Z. Top. 

There's a couple of artists I wouldn't have expected. Luther Vandross? OK. Barry White? Mr. B. laughed from the other room and said (in this very deep voice)  "Come on it's Barry White, everyone needs some seduction music". I guess that explained things. I was using Zamfir and the Magic Pan Flute. Which started Midwest Chick and I in on "Music NOT to Get Lucky By" which also included William Shatner singing Greensleeves and The Chipmunks Rock the House.

I had to get a little dual instruction on it but soon I was playing the Ipod set up the Ipod through the stereo and Midwest Chick and I were dancing around the living room  to the Gopher Dance from Caddy Shack. Woot! (at this point Mr.  B. smiled and retreated to the safety of the barbecue grill)

I can't tell you two how much this has made a long drive bearable. Thank you both  for one of the best gifts ever!

No Barkley, everything is unloaded and it's time to go inside.  Besides, we've already listened to "Givin the Dog a Bone" five times!"


  1. I find that Stevie Ray is good for a speeding ticket.

    Wolfgang surprisingly (to me) likes classical. Bach.

  2. I know you love to read. This last while, whenever I know I've got a long (2+ hours) trip coming, I've been listening to audio books. Mostly classics that I've never gotten around to reading. Don't usually finish them in one trip, but easy to pick up again after a week or two.

  3. Yeah, my phone rings and takes a message. The young guys in the praise band at church are begging me to get texting so I can keep up with the music practice schedule w/o them having to actually, like email me or speak with me. Ha! I tell 'em to find some young cute girls to play guitar with them and I can stay home and blog.

    "No, Miz Arggh! We need the perspective and experience of you old rock n' rollers."

    Yeah, ahem. But I do have an iPod. It makes the travel so much nicer.

  4. You're one of the few people who can make the mundane magical! WOOT WOOT!

  5. Wow, you actually typed that whole list LOL....That was like time tripping through music, hehe......

    I'm surprised you haven't got any Alice In Chains on there....especially I Stay Away, with the violins :) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODTv9Lt5WYs

    Barkley is cute even when he is bored.....

  6. LOLOL! Excellent artist selection, and poor Barkley. Murph can relate, but Barkley's much more photogenic. Give the poor guy a Cheez-it.

  7. Back in my muscle car days, I listened to the "Smokey & The Bandit" soundtrack until the cassette wore out. It had a side effect of making me drive 90mph ... yeah, it was the music; that's my story.

    Srsly, sometimes technology can be a good thing - glad you like yours. But the BIG question is, did Barkley ever get any Cheezits???

  8. I've got Sirius radio in my Jeep, and it's really nice for long drives.
    And if I can't find anything on Sirius, the radio also has a 6-disc changer for CD's.

  9. Road Tunes. That's a pretty good list right there but as a little insight into my own personal soul, off your list, these are the bomb:

    Allison Kraus. (With Robert Plant, "Please Read the Letter" reeks of you Brigid."

    BTO. First listen, first Screwdivers. Same night.

    James Brown. Garage drummer practice heaven.

    John Lee Hooker. The God. Especially with Bonnie Rait.

    Roberta Flack. The first time you touched me....Someday, I might get brave enough to tell somebody about that song...

    Supertramp. Arizona State. Rugby. 20 years old. Killing it.

    Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray. Nothing else to say.

    Good stuff all. :-)

  10. Borepatch - I've never gotten a speeding ticket though I've been pulled over a few times (big green eyes, bat, bat, "was I really doing 90?)

    Mr. B - that was an awesome weekend in so many ways.

    Marty - I listened to World War Z on tape last time I drove to the Rockies to visit Brigid Jr. They're sort of pricy though, I should probably check the local library for some.

    Turk - as you well know from bunking at the Range during early blog meets, there's quite a collection of Rachmanioff on tape at home for that early morning get to work thing. :-)

    Joan - you are indeed wise.

    Mo Bo - Woot! to you as well.

    naturegirl - I put myself through classes at the community college on aeronautics, gas turbine engine technology and meteorology working as a typist for two local lawyers who were pilots. I can still type 75 wpm with gusts to 90.

    Murphy - don't let the face fool you, he has this whole little bag of these tiny cheesy dog treats that he just loves (and no salt).

    drJim - I had Sirius in my VW Jetta. I loved that, but the truck was used and I just didn't want to spend the money installing, as I had a short drive to work for a few years.

  11. Yes the phone has the ringing app. There has been a iPod thing laying around here for a couple of years. I finally found a purpose for it. I crammed it in the new Mustang USB port.

    I'm still not happy, nor will I release my play list. It will scare small children.

    My current project is to stuff this stuff into the iPod then run it through an AM tube transmitter into my old radios.

    I know. I have no life.

    Your play list is sweetness and light however!

  12. June tabor on last fm site.
    http://www.last.fm/music/June+Tabor/+tracks sample and d/l section.
    try A Place Called England.
    http://www.greatwar.nl/frames/default-music.html you can listen or d/l these tracks refenerenced to the Great War.


  13. I might add that Kraftwerk's Autobahn is almost hypnotic while driving.

  14. LOL, I STILL don't have an iPod... :-) And traveling safely with Barkley is the right way to go, even if you're BOTH bored (which is NOT a bad thing)! :-0

  15. We saw this guy's music act at The Britt in Medford in July, and I took home a signed album. Recommended if you like banjo.


    The bluegrass "King Tut" belongs on your "Music NOT to Get Lucky By" playlist.

    The group getting the most play on my commute as of late:


    Depending on your demographic, the lead singer is either "Tonks from 'Harry Potter'" or "Osha, the naked chick on the season finale of 'Game of Thrones'"

  16. @Keads: Awesome site! I managed to find a ton of "The Shadow" radio dramas on there, and ....dangit, I forget the name, but the radio version of "Twilight Zone" that opened with the old creaky door sound. Love that site!

    @Brigid: got a lot of good groups on that iThingamajigger. I just hate the whole DRM thing...I understand the need for it, but once I purchase a song, its mine. They shouldn't be telling me exactly what I can listen to it on or locking it down so I can't move it from an iDevice to another device.

  17. No Frank Zappa? I can fix that if you like. If you're up for something that will make Barkley's hair stand up, I can get you some King Crimson too.

  18. So Barkley never gets to ride with his head out the window? I can see where he'd be bored. And, yes, I can see where that's dangerous for him. But I see it so often!

  19. Pretty much the same tunes on my little ipod...except...mine has lots of George Strait... The old SUV doesn't have much of a radio or airbags!
    Barkley is such a gentleman...I'm sure your putt'n words in his mouth...

  20. Don't feel like the last one on the planet; i have none either. Usually listen to talk radio or 70's-80's rock radio. You have a playlist I could seriously live with! Good friends, too.

  21. What is brand/kind of dog seat belt? I need one for my big Golden for fly fishing trips. Thanx,
    ~ rdc

  22. B-52's? Love Shack is a given. Try Roam and Legal Tender. Live performance *cough* some time ago was amazing.

  23. Unknown - I bought it at Pet Smart, don't know the brand. It clips right into the seat belt and the other end has a leash type clip to go onto his harness. The length is adjustable so you can give him enough room to move and lay down but not go forward enough to be injured with a sudden stop.

  24. I must be the ONLY guy over 40 who listens to BPM on SiriusXM.

    Might be because I was the ONLY teenager in south Alabama who liked MARS, The Art of Noise and New Order.

    B if you need Sirius/xm installed on your truck, I've done it many a time with factory (Toyota and Jeep) and aftermarket (Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer systems)trucks. Be glad to tell you what to ask the installers.

    I recently screwed up trying to update my Blackberry. As a result... ALL the songs I have ended up on the new 32GB chip. From the Ventures Pipeline to Adam F's When the Rain is Gone ended up on my phone... eating 28GB... ARRRRGH!!! KAHN!!!!


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