Monday, November 26, 2012

Safety at Work and at Home - Know your Raptors

Do you know the difference between the Velociraptor and his more modern 2nd cousin through marriage?

The Velociraptor -

The Velociraptor, being carnivorous, is an incessant meat eater.

The Velocoraptor's  large 'manus' (hand) with three strongly curved claws is his best weapon.
The Velociraptor has a stiff tail that helps him turn around quickly

The Velociraptor stalked his prey in the arid regions of China and Mongolia
The Velociraptor has excellent eyesight, able to spot defenseless prey.

The Velociraptor can kill prey with both teeth and claws.

Yelling "Treat!" at the Velociraptor is not going to get his attention (unless YOU are the treat).
The Velocilabtor:

The Velocilabtor, is an incessant meat eater, though he likes apple slices and frozen peas
The Velcocilabtor's best weapon is his big brown eyes (I guess I really didn't want that last piece of bacon).
The Velocilabtor has a thick tail that can knock a Yuengling right off the coffee table.

The Velocilabtor prefers to stalk his prey near the water.

The Velocilabtor has excellent eyesight, able to spot defenseless slippers.

The Velocilabtor can  kill rawhides and your brand new Bon Appetit magazine with both teeth and claws.

Yelling "Treat!" at the Velocilabtor will get his attention (until the treat is gone).

Make sure you know the difference.  It may save your bacon one day.


  1. LOL


    On the road again, sitting in a hotel....I needed that.

  2. Bravo!! And that Yuengling off the table bit...did poor ol' Barkley do that? I'm sure that it was unintentional and I hope that if it happened, you gave him a treat to make him feel better.

  3. Funny stuff! "You can see (s)he's working things out ..."

  4. Lantry - thank you and Welcome!

    MSgt B - there's been a lot of that hotel stuff lately. I understand.

    Murphy's Law - yes, he did, and it probably won't be the last time, but he wasn't scolded, his tail, like red, wavy hair is rather unmanageable.

  5. Velocilabtor? Pretty scary, even with the big brown eyes.

  6. lol Go Barkley!!!!

    I'm waiting for Barkley to evolve enough to take the opposite view water picture. ;)

  7. His tail nor red wavy hair is ever manageable =) Best you can do IMHO is hang on for the ride. Beats E tickets at DisneyLand.

  8. Marty - Barkley was evolved enough to know if he went for either the camera or the glass of Dona Paula Estate Argentina Malbec, he was in trouble.

    Keads - but you must be THIS tall to ride the ride.

    Tango Juliet - the eyes are lethel, I tell you.

  9. You neglected to mention helpless innocent underthing victims...

    (I seem to remember night vision recon photos!)


  10. I've got an infestation. A male. He can sweep dozens of ornaments off a Christmas tree with a single sweep of his mighty tail.

    He is fierce in his own mind though belly rubs seem to soothe the savage beast.

    Treats you say? I'll give that a try.

  11. Six - the adventures of your pooch make me want to get another one, but I travel too much now to tend to a puppy. Barkley is old enough he just goes with the flow, with a couple homes away from home that treat him like family, when I'm away.

  12. The young of the velocilabtor are known for their lethal dose of cuteness and fuzziness. These defenses camouflage the fact that they are, in fact, fast little land sharks with piranha teeth.

  13. You crack me up. Poor innocent Barkley, he looks at you in the tub, those big brown eyes.. I can hear him thinking.. "my mom loves me, I wonder if she can move up just a tad, and I'll dunk my toes in there!" how can you not laugh over his antics?
    give the boy a piece of bacon!


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