Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekends - Always Good

It starts with Amish Bacon.

I was on call for a short while, but I still had several hours this weekend  in which to enjoy food, family and friends.

At an antique store, look what I found.  My big brother had one of these.

I'll be a few of you can guess what this is.

Sunday forecast - Sky Clear, Temperature .45

Sunday's weather was grand but with rain Saturday, there was time for a board game ot two.  Dad taught me how to play cribbage the last time I visited. I'm hooked now and am trying to make a Steampunk cribbage board.  This one here, $2 in a thrift store, original Milton Bradley.

Let's see I have, Fifteen Two, Fifteen Four, Fifteen Six . . . . Wait!

You have Fifteen Two, Four, Six, Eight, 3 for 11 and 3 for fourteen and is that a Pair as well??

 I cut you!  :-) 

Then a VERY nice surprise,  Bill K. at Eastern Iowa Firearms Training who Old NFO first talked to on the phone and introduced me to, but I had not yet met in person, was driving through IND and had time to meet Partner  and I for a quick supper on his way through.

I suggested a place right off the freeway where he'd be coming through, an area I don't get to for eating out much and wanted to try. Black Swan Brewpub , just West of the IND airport at 70 and Highway 267 (exit 66 from the East)

I thought the Pomme Frites at the Belgium Brew Pub in Broad ripple were good.  These were fresh cut fries tossed with Truffle Oil and fresh Parmesan Cheese and served with creamy bacon aoili  Oh My! (this was the $4.25 appetizer serving which was more than enough to share).  I would come back just for these.

We ordered  some beer (they have sixteen handcrafted beers including a wonderful oatmeal stout) and soft drinks for those driving..  They have all sorts of great food on the menu  (which changes seasonally and had new winter salads, sandwiches and an entree that weren't on the online menu). Bill and I had one of their brewpub burgers with salad and Partner had some wonderful looking sandwich filled with chicken, walnuts and fruit with apple fennel dressing under thick slices of fresh bakery bread. It was just a a stone's throw from a major freeway interchange so I suggested to Tam we try it sometime for a blog meet when we were chatting later about Roberta's new bike  (which you just have to check out at Bobbie's other blog Retrotechnologist.

It was great to meet Bill and we chatted about firearms, food and family like old pals until it was starting to get dark and it was time for him to hit the road to continue the drive Westward. I can see why he makes such a good firearm instructor, engaging, open and full of good stories and wisdom.

Travel safe everyone and thanks for a wonderful weekend!


  1. OMG...I had a tool set just like that when I was a little girl...Dad was an equal opportunity parent.
    Cribbage is a long time cowcamp standard. Gotta watch those old cowhands...they cheat...pretty regularly.

  2. Sounds like a very pleasant weekend.

    I used to play a lot of cribbage, and pinochle, and ucher in the Navy, but my wife isn't the biggest card fan.

    Two thumbs up on the oatmeal stout. Our local brewpub came out with a vanilla oatmeal stout a few weeks ago, and after trying it at dinner last week, my wife gave me carte blanche to go fill up a growler whenever I want to.

  3. I liked the photo and the catch up with a blog friend - I've done that a couple of times and it's a good thing to do.

  4. I loved my "Handy Andy" tool kit!! Suprised there are any still alive out there considering the way I worked mine over.

    Did you see the top-end range on that amp meter?? Holy crap!!

    And I'm tellin' ya - stick with cribbiage - stay away from Skip Bo!! You were warned!!

    Finally, twas a very tasty meal!! And great company!!

  5. Cribbage is an ol' favorite, here, in the winter. Dad taught me MANY years ago.

    This past year, though, I have become addicted to Mexican Train, (dominoes).


  6. I'm glad you had such a good meet. I still envy all y'all living so close together that you can meet from time to time.

  7. Cribbage cheating is cheating only if they figure out what you are doing.

  8. bill - it was great, next time, my table, when I'm not on call to work.

    idahobob - we LOVE Mexican train, but the set was left at the house, not the crash pad so cribbage it was.

    Rev Paul - they talk about the heart of the nation, and I do believe we have that here.

    Well Seasoned - I'm not good enough to cheat, still learning, but we are still helping each other out recognizing hands so we learn. It's a lot of fun.


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