Friday, March 29, 2013

Why do I need an AR15?

Why do I need such a firearm?

Because a double barreled shotgun fired into the air off the porch, Mr. Vice President, is not only illegal and unsafe, it leaves me totally vulnerable to the jacked up home invaders who have counted off the shots and know I now have to reload. Barkley can shed on command but that might be it as far as back up.

As far as your words on "firing a shot though the door", to defend your home?   Well,  I won't even comment on that lest there be a run at the sporting goods store on paper "door targets" by the legally clueless.

Why should I have the need for such a weapon?

Because I use it to  hone my skills.  I use it responsibly, to instill confidence and safe target acquisition whether with this firearm or other types I may use to defend, whether against one criminal, or the combined force of several, who know the laws I abide by, render me helpless, even as they disregard them.

Because I like to use a tool that does not hide, but strongly defends, the kind that  has already been used to protect this country and flag we uphold. I like to use a tool, that by its presence, its capability, decreases the probability that it will be necessary.

Because, of all the Constitutional rights our forefathers had the presence of mind to affirm with ink that flowed from the blood of those baptized in liberty, I support the one that ensures I'm not an unwilling and innocent victim.

I own an AR-15 because it's my Constitutional right to decide how I wish to exercise my Constitutional right.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Barkley On Dr. Who - Final Update on the Canon SX150

This will be my last update on the new camera,  The Canon Power Shop SX150 IS.  But  I wanted to share a few more taken tonight after a long day, unedited.  The light was fading and it was cloudy.  I did both outdoors and indoor evening light settings (with only a regular lamp inside) for those of you who said they might consider getting one. I'm seriously impressed with the clarity in low light for a budget minded camera.

Jedi Pocket Knifes, handy at home OR the office.
My key chain (not a travel safe one, that is a switchblade)
"Desk" decor.

And now, for our daily Barkley update.

I'm sure I have a number of folks here who watch Dr. Who.  If you've never seen the series, or the episode "Blink" go watch it!

There's not much that actually scares me, real life has many more fatal little surprises than TV, but this episode totally drew me in, and gave me  some serious goosebumps. It's the episode (1 of 3 total) with the "weeping angels".

The weeping angels look, to the unaware, like any of the statue angels you see in cemeteries, English gardens, parks.  But they are actually quantum locked humanoids, who, when observed by any other creature (including other  weeping angels) turn to stone, rendering them resistant to harm.  Even looking at one another can do it, so they often hide their faces in their hands, hence the weeping appearance. But if you look away, even blink they are on you faster than you can imagine. They if you see them again, they stop, only mere feet away from you, then. . oh, please. . . try not and blink again.

One minute.

A peaceful angel.

Close your eyes for a second?

They are very very old and deadly assassins.  If they don't kill you by snapping your neck (not particularly quickly), with a touch, you go back in time to die perhaps hundreds of years ago, with full memory of what you left here, never to see again.  They then feed on the potential energy that was your time here, not finished.

So for my Dr. Who fans and my Barkley fans. I'll end this post with Barkley's imitation of a weeping angel  (scroll down slowly).

Don't blink. Don't even blink.
 Blink and you're dead.
Don't look away,
don't turn your head,
 and don't blink. . . . Good luck"
-  The Doctor
You blinked!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Camera Adventures

A few months ago my good camera went Tango Uniform, with several good years of service.  That left me with a point and shoot Samsung.  It wasn't a super cheap camera probably $250 bucks, but it's picture quality (except for direct midday sunlight, no clouds, hold your mouth just right and say a pray to St. Aperture, the Patron Saint of bad photographers) was something to be desired. I still had a few good photos saved for the blog but it wasn't looking good.

I was catching up with a  shooty friend on the phone and asked what he used as his pictures were excellent. A Canon SX150.  They're priced right as well.   But airfares back and forth to the West to help out, have hit my savings  and I'm helping my family out with other things, so I really couldn't justify a new one.  Mine worked, it was just well. . .crap.

I got home today and there it was a box with a new SX150, from my friend, one of the IND blog supporters and an all around great guy.  Thank you Keads.

So, with no further ado, no reading the instructions, no messing with the settings, just getting the lamps and light and curtains just where I want around my little crash pad for the perspective I wanted (and NO photoshop). . . it's photo time.

My favorite journal and one of my favorite firearms.

The snow is almost melted.

Always prepared.

Home run baseball I caught from the stands at a game in Missouri.

I'll let you all guess.

Now for the Barkley shots.

 I'm famous on the Internet,
you'll have to speak to my agent.
Come on Barkley, let me take a new picture, I'll make you an avatar. . .

I love long walks, fires, ladies
shoes, bacon, humping the couch
cushion when you're not looking
and going commando.I occassionally
 have bone breath but you won't find
anyone more loyal and loving. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Scones

 8 inches as of 9 a.m. this morning, and still snowing.

Barkley - Always alert for squirrels and Yetis.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow - Girls Day Out

Winter has us in her sights one last time. The "inch of snow or less" forecast has been changed to 6-9 inches, with very high winds. So it's time for a early breakfast before heading into the city for errands and a bit of girls day out before having to batten down the hatches. Already committed to help someone move something with my truck, there won't be any range time this weekend, but at least there will be Guinness as the snow starts.

The morning's recipe -  a Fritatta (pronounded "fri-taa-taa").  If you have eggs and a cast iron skillet, you can make one and it's a lot easier, for me anyway, than an omelet. This one had sundried tomatoes,  red potatoes, pepperoncini peppers, garlic, onion, italian herbs and fresh basil and 4 types of cheese.

Spicy Italian Frittata

The truck mission? A gal friend needed some help picking up and loading some things at Lowe's as her husband was out of town and she wanted to get the supplies in for a project he'd planned on doing on his return, at least until his flight in from Denver cancelled due to weather. Can do! Then a stop at the farm supply store for Barkley chow and a stop at Roseholme Cottage to drop off some things purchased whilst on my trip.  Oh!  Just in time for lunch.  Fat Dan's Deli ?  You don't have to twist my arm to go there.

Roberta  X headed out on her bicycle (and not just ANY bicycle) while Tam and I hoofed it over, a little exercise being in order after a  big breakfast, even with some chores thrown in there.  It was a beautiful day, sun shining, temps in the upper 40's/ low 50's.  You'd not know a big storm was a brewing.
Fat Dan's was busy, almost every table filled, but the service was prompt and friendly as ever. There's plenty of seating at tables in addition to the bar and at the tables, are games and some colored chalk, if people want something to pass their time.

Hey where's Bobbie?
Sigh. . . . I'm getting hungry!

She's here!  The basket is new, and ever so cool!

There was catching up. A little people watching (look, there's two sumos overhead watching us!).

BAM, said the lady!
And always, serious discussions. . . how you can get Tam to click on a link without ensuring it's safe, simply by sending"woman's home burned down by snake she set on fire", why Dr. Who just keeps getting younger and hotter, why running up the stairs may or may not work if attacked by a Dalek and if we were to colonize the moon whether we'd prefer Captain Mal or Jack Harkness to scramble our eggs in the morning

Serious stuff, the conversations among erudite women.

The food is here!

The sandwiches have arrived with one "small" fry to share.  There's not many fries that will hold up to a good malt vinegar, these will and there was more than enough for all three of us (perhaps only the sumos order the "large" fries)

 A brisket, a burger, some peppered coleslaws and the best Reuben sandwich in Indy. (Dan's house smoked corned beef is hard to top)

Then it was off to Fresh Market for "well if we're going to be snowed in we WILL need more Chuao chocolate" and a trip to the park to let Barkley play with the toy my friend PA State Cop got him for Christmas a while back, one last romp while the weather is good.

Throw it!  Throw it!
While Roberta rode off into the sunset on the amazing technicolor bicycle.

I have a happy dog, a full stomach, books, some Bowmore and some Guinness and a furry companion (and I don't go on call  again for 48 hours.)  Not a bad way to get snowed in for a couple of days.

Well I CAN'T lay on my bed,  someone stepped all over it with their paws and it's not poofy any more.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hot Bacon Potato Salad with Pork - Dinner on a Budget

Practically everyone is on a budget today, increased health insurance premiums and copays, cuts in pay, cuts in working hours, family members out of work, it can make it hard to feed a household well. All of us who can build and manage a responsible budget know you can't continue to pay for frills and "wants" when there isn't enough  money to keep the hard working fed.  That's basic economics.

I was at a local no-frills grocers a few weeks back and in line in front of me were two women,  a middle aged daughter and Mom.  Both were quite spry and having a good time, but their basket was FULL of prepacked food, full of chemicals and additives, pizzas, toaster pastries, frozen pancakes, canned biscuits, tiny yoghurts and jello, ready to nuke meat dishes and single serving sides of bread and veggies..

I had a few simple things, some cheap beef to be marinated and cooked, potatoes, bacon, a whole chicken (on special) eggs, flour, sugar, salt, any spice that needs replacing,  a huge tub of plain yoghurt I could add a teaspoon of jam to for my own "fruit yoghurt" in small containers. My biscuits and pancakes I'll bake from scratch, same for a loaf of bread. Soup will be bits and pieces left in other recipes, cooked in stock made out of the chicken carcass.  Veggies are bought in bulk for the freezer.  My bill was 1/3 of theirs and I guarantee I ate better, and healthier.  I'd take a bowl of homemade soup or stew and a couple slices of homemade bread with honey from a local hive over nuked processed dinner any day.

Don't rule out other than big box marts.  There's a small local grocer near home that has their own butcher and often he has specials that are a real value, and the meat is top quality.

Crockpot Pork with Hot Bacon Potato Salad

In this case, I snagged 3 "reduced"  big bone in pork steaks.  Yes, they were "reduced," but they're still good, reduced just means you need to cook or freeze in a couple of days and the savings are measurable.  The steaks were huge, enough meat for 3 hungry people, or 4 with additional sides, only $2.48.  Throw in a crock pot with fresh onion, soup and spices and cook all day while you work or take care of people and things that need tending to.

When it's just about done, cook some potatoes and toss in sweet/sour/savory hot bacon dressing. made with spices purchased when on sale and always on hand.  A  HOTR version of German Potato Salad.  The pork is so tender you can cut it with a spoon and  perfect with the bacon.  The meal got a "that's a keeper" from the menfolk.  Serve with bulk packed veggies and dinner  for 3 was on the table for $5 with the spices I had already on hand.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Day of Spring - a Pictorial (now with B's Spring Bonnet)

I'd post the first but I think the shutter on my camera froze shut.
4:00 a.m..  Time to get over-caffeinated and wake up the rest of the household.
 I'd best don my new Spring Bonnet. (Barkley, No!!! No!! It's a HAT!)
14 degrees out, not to mention the wind.  Hat hair, a sure sign of Spring (not).
92 miles to go, keep an eye out for speed traps, Barkley.
This pretty much sums up the rest of my day.  Rope was also involved.
It's still cold, but it's looking up. 

Stay warm - we're home from vacation days and survived the first day back. 
Brigid and Barkley

Monday, March 18, 2013

On Tools -

A gun is a tool, Marian.

no better or no worse than any other tool

an axe, a shovel or anything. 

A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it.

Remember that.
-Shane (1953) 
Note - The Ruger has a review coming up this Wednesday or Thursday depending on internet access.