Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Day of Spring - a Pictorial (now with B's Spring Bonnet)

I'd post the first but I think the shutter on my camera froze shut.
4:00 a.m..  Time to get over-caffeinated and wake up the rest of the household.
 I'd best don my new Spring Bonnet. (Barkley, No!!! No!! It's a HAT!)
14 degrees out, not to mention the wind.  Hat hair, a sure sign of Spring (not).
92 miles to go, keep an eye out for speed traps, Barkley.
This pretty much sums up the rest of my day.  Rope was also involved.
It's still cold, but it's looking up. 

Stay warm - we're home from vacation days and survived the first day back. 
Brigid and Barkley


  1. B 78 here today, ya'll stay warm. ( do they say 'yall' up there?)

  2. Did not know they have speed traps like that back in the midwest.

    Ok, I need hot chocolate now that I've read this.

  3. If you like the Bulleit Bourbon, you'll love the Bulleit Rye.

  4. Ah yes... Rope, Goat, Rodeo one each... sigh...

  5. I'm glad you made it home safely.

  6. Personally, I like it when you are back home. Safely. I take comfort in that. :-)

  7. AT LEAST... it was goats and not cats.

  8. At least it was a picture of goats and not of a cluster of something ....

  9. Great to hear about your safe return! - and bourbon...


  10. Glad you made it home ok.

    Springtime? March is supposed to go in like a lion and come out like a lamb. That seems to be reversed here, this year. Been snowing since yesterday.


  11. Any one-eyed goats? Dad always talked about going to a one-eyed, two-(appendage) goat ropin' for excitement! Glad you're back safely.

  12. Suerte - I moved up here from the south, and was told on arrival I had an accent. Growing up on the West coast I didn't believe it, but apparently it was quite pronounced but also disappeared quickly.

    naturegirl - they drive mustangs and SUV's and such, so they don't LOOK like cop cars, easy to get tagged "you're IT!".

    Sdv1949 - welcome and thanks! A friend bought this and it was a nice bourbon and I'm not normally a bourbon fan. VERY good.

    Old NFO - yup. I'm just holding the posse together as best we can.

    Rev Paul - thanks, I'm beat, but glad I took the days off, even if it meant coming back to piles o'work.

    Stephen - thank you my friend, it's good to be back into the routine, but I always miss where I've been.

    RonF - And I wisely avoided Irish Times on St. Paddy's day. The Santa in the bar for the kiddies photos and the crowd of drunk football hooligans that poured in off the train at the same time was enough to clear me from there during any holiday time.

    Female and Armed - 6-9 inches of snow now forecast for Sunday. Barkley will enjoy it.

    idahobob - I used to live closer to the lake and got a LOT more of the snow. I miss it though, and closer to retirement (I still have another 10 years or so), I will build up that way.

    Mick - I would NOT want to see the rodeo clowns associated with such an event. :-)

  13. I see you use coffee for the Keurig. Try any of the Rogers Family "San Francisco" varieties. Best price is on Amazon:

  14. Bob - Brigid Jr, had one of those and I really liked it so a dear friend got me one for Christmas two years ago. I only use it on days I'm literally running out the door, but it sure is nice. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.


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