Saturday, March 23, 2013

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow - Girls Day Out

Winter has us in her sights one last time. The "inch of snow or less" forecast has been changed to 6-9 inches, with very high winds. So it's time for a early breakfast before heading into the city for errands and a bit of girls day out before having to batten down the hatches. Already committed to help someone move something with my truck, there won't be any range time this weekend, but at least there will be Guinness as the snow starts.

The morning's recipe -  a Fritatta (pronounded "fri-taa-taa").  If you have eggs and a cast iron skillet, you can make one and it's a lot easier, for me anyway, than an omelet. This one had sundried tomatoes,  red potatoes, pepperoncini peppers, garlic, onion, italian herbs and fresh basil and 4 types of cheese.

Spicy Italian Frittata

The truck mission? A gal friend needed some help picking up and loading some things at Lowe's as her husband was out of town and she wanted to get the supplies in for a project he'd planned on doing on his return, at least until his flight in from Denver cancelled due to weather. Can do! Then a stop at the farm supply store for Barkley chow and a stop at Roseholme Cottage to drop off some things purchased whilst on my trip.  Oh!  Just in time for lunch.  Fat Dan's Deli ?  You don't have to twist my arm to go there.

Roberta  X headed out on her bicycle (and not just ANY bicycle) while Tam and I hoofed it over, a little exercise being in order after a  big breakfast, even with some chores thrown in there.  It was a beautiful day, sun shining, temps in the upper 40's/ low 50's.  You'd not know a big storm was a brewing.
Fat Dan's was busy, almost every table filled, but the service was prompt and friendly as ever. There's plenty of seating at tables in addition to the bar and at the tables, are games and some colored chalk, if people want something to pass their time.

Hey where's Bobbie?
Sigh. . . . I'm getting hungry!

She's here!  The basket is new, and ever so cool!

There was catching up. A little people watching (look, there's two sumos overhead watching us!).

BAM, said the lady!
And always, serious discussions. . . how you can get Tam to click on a link without ensuring it's safe, simply by sending"woman's home burned down by snake she set on fire", why Dr. Who just keeps getting younger and hotter, why running up the stairs may or may not work if attacked by a Dalek and if we were to colonize the moon whether we'd prefer Captain Mal or Jack Harkness to scramble our eggs in the morning

Serious stuff, the conversations among erudite women.

The food is here!

The sandwiches have arrived with one "small" fry to share.  There's not many fries that will hold up to a good malt vinegar, these will and there was more than enough for all three of us (perhaps only the sumos order the "large" fries)

 A brisket, a burger, some peppered coleslaws and the best Reuben sandwich in Indy. (Dan's house smoked corned beef is hard to top)

Then it was off to Fresh Market for "well if we're going to be snowed in we WILL need more Chuao chocolate" and a trip to the park to let Barkley play with the toy my friend PA State Cop got him for Christmas a while back, one last romp while the weather is good.

Throw it!  Throw it!
While Roberta rode off into the sunset on the amazing technicolor bicycle.

I have a happy dog, a full stomach, books, some Bowmore and some Guinness and a furry companion (and I don't go on call  again for 48 hours.)  Not a bad way to get snowed in for a couple of days.

Well I CAN'T lay on my bed,  someone stepped all over it with their paws and it's not poofy any more.


  1. Young lady i dont know how you do it
    but every time that im hungry click on your blog and what are you writing
    about Food loverly food including pictures of said food,now ive got to go and make myself eat something otherwise my stomach will protest that my throat has been cut, its even
    threaterning that its going to snow again over here in the UK again!

  2. You put up the patch I gave you! HOORAY! :D

  3. Sounds like a great day indeed...but Matt Smith as Dr. Who? Oh, please. He's damaging the franchise like Daniel Craig is doing to the James Bond legend.

  4. I love taaa-taas, especially if they're fri. ;) Not as fussy as quiche. Heard a chef once describe them as basically eggs and leftovers. :)

    Tonight's dinner was roast pork loin with maple-syrup/Dijon mustard glaze. Yum. Bought three full loins on sale this week and am inspired to try to make my own Canadian bacon. Will let you know how it turns out. Stuff is expensive, even for - Canadians! There oughta be a law...

  5. Nice helmet on Bobbi!
    Glad you all had fun!


  6. You gals sure know how to LIVE!

  7. We had a rainy day here in Kandahar on Friday which was our day off, or as we call it the "Lay-about" day.

    We don't get out to local eating extablishments (for obvious reasons) but our DFAC has Friday morning Brunch with eggs to order, onions, mushrooms and BACON ( yes, even here we do get Bacon)

    Heading home in late May which will be completion of my one year contract.... Looking forward to a summer at home with time at the beach and on Cape Cod.

  8. I dunno...yours looks great, but I find omelettes easier than fritattas to make.

    Sounds like a good day. :-)

  9. You know what Brigid? Too many people get so caught up in the idea that "fun" has to be some great big production with tons of $$ blown and outrageous spectacles of some sort. But the truth is that life's best moments are usually simple, ordinary moments, which are special because of the folks they are shared with. I like that part. Alot. And I love your posts like this one that celebrate those simple, shared, celebrations of being upright and alive amongst friends, freely roaming the earth. :-)

  10. What a lovely way for a lovely to spend the day!
    That bicycle add another X to Bobbies' name! It's just shy of being a unicycle! Not for me! heh

  11. Between Sunday night and Monday during the day, we're supposed to get 6-11".

    That means we'll probably get a call tomorrow afternoon, canceling school on Monday before we see a single flake.

  12. Sounds like a good day out in more than one way!

  13. adjshootist - dinner was half of an apple and some tea with a bit of whiskey in it. Lots of good food today.

    Erin - thank you so much for my Christmas goodies! Big hug.

    Murphy's Law - I think most women would disagree wth you on the Daniel Craig thing AND Mr. Smith - "viva' la difference'!"

    I like him a lot in the part, he's wise and yet endlessly curious, trusting and yet curiously naivé. In his first dealings with Amy as a child he was a man of the universe, but not of the world, very child like himself. It struck a chord with me. I loved Tennant but he always came across as a bit invincable, I don't get that with the new Dr. he's more vulnerable, thirsting for much more than he already knows, which is vast and just starting to flex his intellectual abilities.

    He reminds me physically, and somewhat intellectually, very much of someone. That's not a bad thing. :-)

    Still Tennant was awesome. . Blink still being one of my favorite episodes.

    Middleboro - we'll all be happy when you are back stateside safe.

    JR - you're an instinctive cook I'd imagine, few people are. I can still be totally overwhelmed by a simple pan and some eggs when it comes to a good omlette.

    Stephen - thank you. My best days are just laughter, a board game perhaps, puttering in the shop, making a meal, more laughter. It costs nothing and stays with one much longer than anything else.

    Auntie - I hope it's just enough snow for the fries to have a blast, but not so much everyone is housebound at length.

    Old NFO - it was good to get away from the goat corral for a day.

  14. B, I am. I started cooking for my family about age 11. We had a huge stock of spices that were almost never used. Sometimes I'd just go through the spices and decide what to add by what "smelled like" it should be included. :-) Wasn't always succesful, but frequently was.

    When I finally make it up that way, we can trade notes~ you're more patient than I am, I think.

  15. Forgot to mention- Craig is the best Bond ever.

  16. I believe Mal should win that contest, after all Captain Jack is batting for the other team as it were.

    Love Bobbi's Bike :)

  17. Eggs and bacon are a girls' best friends....and a Glock....

  18. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all. How can you not smile when you see Bobbi on that bike? That's just delightful


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