Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Night One on One

It's Friday, time to curl up with the one that keeps you safe, learning it's every feature, what makes it explode with happiness, what makes it sulk and not cooperate.  We need these times, to reconnect after a busy work week, the touch, the feedback, where we realize the place they have in our life and what makes them "tick".

And maybe, if you're  lucky, afterwards, there will be the shooty equivalent of "date night".

"Range Time".

For myself, I'm on the road to take care of my loved ones, to make sure they are happy and safe.  For yourselves, be safe and  take care of your loved ones. Teach them responsible, law abiding  application of the Second Amendment and by doing so, further protect them.

Bad guys are many, but the good guys stay proficient.



  1. Last Saturday, oldest Son, 20, texted to ask if I wanted to go to the range with him to sight in a new .270.

    With his girlfriend, he picked me up and we all headed out to the range.

    Before we got started with the rifles, we shot some falling plates (rimfire), and he taught his GF how to shoot my 1911 (with some mid-power 200 gr SWCs). A fellow shooter also invited us to shoot his S&W K-38. GF had never fired a handgun before Saturday.

    Introducing new shooters to the sport = good times.

  2. Unfortunately, I think our fellow citizens elected some the threats to my family...

    Have a good, shooty weekend...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. LOL. I think you broke the record for use of double entendres in there.

    Stay safe and have fun, too..

  4. ILS on a 1911-A1. A whole new "approach" to safety.

    Happy St Pats weekend to all of you Irishers, and to those who wish they were!

  5. Gonna try for some shooty goodness tomorrow! Stay safe & I hope your brother is doing well, Brigid!

  6. Travel safe, and I'm hitting the range tomorrow! I needs some recoil therapy!!!

  7. You mean she is NOT talking about that marvelous .45??

  8. Be safe in your travels. We'll be here when you get back.


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